Trading Gateway API for Software Development.

Hello Guys,

I am required to get a software developed for receiving real time quotes and orders from Market via any broker. Which broker is best at providing me best real time data quotes and orders and does it has Trading Gateway API for software development?

Please suggest me someone who can fulfill my need. I am looking for Zerodha, but don't know whether it provide me that trading gateway API.

Appreciating all replies.

interactive brokers.
Hello Friend,

Thank you for the reply.

I just did research on Interactive Broker and its API services. It is good service available all over the world. Don't you think that this broker is very costly for an individual person, considering USD amount of $2000 in INR.

I have an existing demat and trading account with another broker, is it possible to request my broker for this purpose or choosing someone cheaper.



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What is your budget?
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