1. M is not available in

    Dear Friends, I can find at this page, but not How I can find cm27APR2022bhav.csv, cm28APR2022bhav.csv and cm29APR2022bhav.csv. Where is ? Why can I download it ...
  2. P

    Download 1 minute IEOD for NSE-EQ, FnO, COMMODITY & CDS- ABOUT 18MONTHS DATA...!

    Dear Friends, Here is link for 1minute IEOD data for NSE-EQ (about 600 scripts), FnO, MCX & CDS scripts. CLICK HERE It is about 4Gb Data...
  3. trendtrade

    NSE Tick Data - Best Offer

    Hello Friends I am looking to purchase the TICK Data for NSE "Futures and Options Segment" which will include the tick data for all the futures and option contracts that are traded at NSE on a daily basis. Such data is being sent in the evening emails to the respective subscribers of GFDL and...
  4. trendtrade

    Diwali Offers from Data Vendors

    This is the Diwali Time friends, and we get discounts on everything during such festive season. Datafeed is a necessary part for all of us. Some use the Authorized Data Vendors, some use unauthorized, some use free sources, but we all need data for sure. This thread is not for marketing or...
  5. M

    Historical 1 min data

    Hi, Is there any place from where I can download historical intraday (1min) data for most of the cash market stocks for last 2 years (csv format)? I need it for my analytic project. Thank you.
  6. D

    Amibroker: How to import next day opening data in EOD database

    Hi Experts, I need some help on the Amibroker software. I use an AFL which gives a signal after the current candle closes and the next candle opens. I use the EOD charts to view the signals. I have been able to isolate a trading strategy suitable for my temperament and time. For this I need to...
  7. wabuf

    DATA Request Thread

    Hi Opening this thread for Random people asking Data for FNO | Cash Scripts | IEOD | EOD | MCX | Forex etc This will stop the clutter in Data Feeds & other places... as some individuals are opening threads for sake of just one request . Anyone having data may upload & post here. " In...
  8. F

    List of Scrip Codes for all equities

    Where can I find the Scrip Codes for all equities? I can get the Tickers from the Bhavcopy but I am in need of the Scrip Codes. Can anyone please help? Ventura publishes that I need at but is there a link of NSE / BSE where I can get the same...
  9. abhay.fintech

    Best Website for Latest (updated) Financial Data on Individual Companies

    Dear All, I am trying to prepare an excel file for around 20 companies with all the basic fundamental data (P&L, B/S, Market price) and then the excel will calculate the basic ratios (p/e, p/bv, RoE, RoE/pbv etc). The problem is - Looking into annual report of each and every company for...
  10. A

    Request Suggestion of best free IEOD downloader

    Hi, I am seeking opinions on the best software which can download 1-minute interval data from NSE and is free. The purpose is I want to download minute-by-minute data and feed it to amibroker so that I can look at minute charts at the end of day. Please suggest the best downloader which...
  11. M

    How to download indexes from yahoo finance

    Do any one know how i can download indexes from yahoo finance. I have tried to download Indiavix, nifty, niftyit etc but without any luck. Do you tried downloading indexes from yahoo finance^NIFTY
  12. S

    NSEpy - A python library to extract data on NSE's website

    This is the git-hub page for the library - Objective- * Provide Simple and easy APIs to extract Live, Archival Data from NSE * Provide data in different formats, ready to be processed eg. CSV or numpy arrays * This will not include utilities for...
  13. M

    Anyone using fibotrader in indian markets

    Is anyone using fibotrader in indian markets for BSE and NSE. How can we download BSE NSE data in fibotrader. Thanks
  14. milind.wakale

    Trading Gateway API for Software Development.

    Hello Guys, I am required to get a software developed for receiving real time quotes and orders from Market via any broker. Which broker is best at providing me best real time data quotes and orders and does it has Trading Gateway API for software development? Please suggest me someone...
  15. M

    How to add or import google/yahoo finance realtime data for bse and nse to aptistock

    I have downloaded aptistock but i dont know how to add or import google/yahoo finance data for NSE and BSE stocks (eg SBI)to aptistock. In ninjatrader we can easily add a stock by entering the stock symbol. Is aptistock also similar or we have to download csv file manually?
  16. shirajroz

    ANDROID-Contacts Deleted on Factory ReSet

    :sos: Contacts & other Data were wiped during a Factory ReSet of ANDROID 4.1.3 (GT-N7000). Any Ideas to Retrieve the Deleted Contacts wud b a Great HELP. Found Plenty of ways to retrieve deleted media files on Google BUT cud not get any working solution to Retrieve CONTACTs. Pls Share any...
  17. R

    [ REQUIRED ] IEOD Crude Oil

    Request help for MCX CrudeOil Data 1min ieod for the period: Nov13 to Dec14 If 1-min not possible then i can try working with 5-min as well. Could someone please help ? Will be greatly obliged Thanks a lot in advance !! :)
  18. C

    Sub-prime crisis - Banknifty IEOD data request

    Dear Friends, Iam trying to backtest (visually) the effect of trading strategy during crisis. I need 60m data for BANKNIFTY for the month Jan 2008 , Jun 2008 and Oct 2008. you can provide data for 60m in the form of : csv OR ​screenshot (candle charts enough) many thanks in...
  19. R

    Data for fundamental analysis

    Hi what data sources are used by most Indian investors for fundamental analysis? Would appreciate if members share their experiences and usage. Are there any equivalent of a Bloomberg like analytics provided to retail investors or is it broker calls which guide investments? Thank you!
  20. NJ23

    Historical 1 minute data request

    Hello I'm looking for 1 minute TF intraday data (the larger the history, the better). CSV/Text file/AmiBroker any format would do. Instruments: Currency Futures(NSE/MCX) Metals and Energy(MCX) Indices and Futures(NSE) If anyone has this data can you please share? Thanks in advance.