1. D

    Anyone using algobaba Stoxxo here ?

    If anyone using algobaba stoxxo here then please do share your experience here, even if you are using their simple QTP for manual trading.
  2. M

    Which Broker is good for Auto Trading?

    Hello I want to test my auto trading ideas in market, According to experienced traders like you which Broker's API is good and reliable? In initial period, i dont want to pay API charges or any other data charges now as it just an experiments. Can anyone tell which trading api is free still...
  3. A

    FYERS API- Disclosed quantity feature in Bo/Co

    Hello Fyers Team, I was checking fyers API and wanted to ask why the disclosed quantity feature is not enabled in BO/CO orders ? This is because for small traders rely on margins for BO/CO orders and its known fact that higher quantity orders are hunted down(order manipulation takes place) very...
  4. S

    Which is the cheapest trading api

    I am looking for a cheapest trading api and came across zerodha, upstox and IB. Zerodha is 2000rs, upstox 650 and IB is free but it needs opening an account with more than 30k and also no support for margin. I am planning to invest less than ten thousand so IB is not in my radar now. Between...
  5. S

    Apart from zerodha's api and upstox API are there any other APIs available from any other trader?

    Apart from zerodha's api and upstox API are there any other APIs available from any other trader?
  6. NJ23

    Upstox & Kite APIs

    Which one is better in terms of stability, latency, connection issues?
  7. N

    Interactive brokers Rs.20 max brokerage?

    I hope I'm not breaking any forum-rules by creating this thread but it looks like Interactive Brokers has finally decided to go toe-to-toe with Indian discount-brokers & have capped their brokerage at the standard Rs.20/- max. Can anyone, who is already trading with them, confirm this? If so...
  8. N

    Ready to pay for a custom stock scanner for TWS

    I want to know if someone here can somehow make a custom stock scanner that will work with Interactive Brokers' TWS to scan for stocks that meet the set technical criteria. Of course, I'm willing to pay for it if I get what I need. The scanning criteria isn't very complicated given that I've...
  9. S

    Helloz. Waiting for my first question

    Just joined. Hi, Is there any code or API which can provide me different details about stock like CMP 52-week low 52-week high Industry Volume traded Day's low Day's high and other details Thanks in advance :)
  10. milind.wakale

    Trading Gateway API for Software Development.

    Hello Guys, I am required to get a software developed for receiving real time quotes and orders from Market via any broker. Which broker is best at providing me best real time data quotes and orders and does it has Trading Gateway API for software development? Please suggest me someone...
  11. P

    Startup for Automated / Algo Trading

    Hello folks, I'm a seasoned entrepreneur & software professional, more than 15 years of experience at companies like Yahoo, Microsoft etc. I've always been fascinated by algo and other kinds of automated trading. I'm based out of Bangalore and thinking of starting my company in this...
  12. S

    NSE/BSE/MCX Real Time Feed API - For custom software development

    This being my first post, I must, first, compliment the vibrant community in here: :clap: I am looking for Real Time Data Feeds, but not for charting softwares like Amibroker etc., instead, I am looking for feeds that will enable me to parse them for analysis with custom software/tools...