Gold Trading (May 23th)

Trading Strategies

1. Focus on short positions intraday; initiate short positions upon rebound resistance and exercise caution with long positions while controlling risk and protecting profits.
2. Initiate short positions around $2393.0, with a stop-loss at $2398.0, targeting declines at $2383.0—$2464.0.
3. If gold prices rise above the $2400 level, reconsider the bearish stance and adjust trading plans based on specific market signals.
4. For existing short positions, consider adding to positions upon breaking below $2382.0 and $2362.0, targeting declines towards $2343.0.
(Recent high volatility in gold prices has led to extremely unstable investor sentiment. Caution is advised, with patience recommended while waiting for entry opportunities. Strict risk control and timely adjustments to trading strategies are crucial.)


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