1. J

    Algoticks - algorithmic trading simulator [back test your straetegy's, FAST]

    Hey all, I want to share the project that I've been using and developing since few months - Algoticks It's a very fast(written in C) back tester with the option to test the strategy(s) on live data. It supports: Single stock Index-Derivative able to run on streaming data. (TCP socket/CSV)...
  2. K

    Looking to connect with AFL programmer (Mumbai/Ahmadabad)

    Hello, I have been getting queries on converting strategies in to AFL via my network and need someone who has expertise in this area. I am looking to get connected with AFL programmer or Meta Programmer to partner. Please PM me or connect me on interactshah at gmail dot com. Kanak
  3. trendtrade

    Database Programmer needed on Payment Basis

    Hi I am looking for some programmer who has working experience in Microsoft SQL Server Database. I need to get some queries designed for NSE Stocks and FnO Stock Market Database. The queries are not complicated. If you have good knowledge, then you will be able to design these queries easily. I...
  4. T

    Fixing the first bar of the day as the first bar on Amibroker chart

    Hello, I trying to do this for a long time but have not been able to do it. I am posting this after unsuccessfully searching the internet. I want to fix the "first bar of the day" on the left hand side like the picture below and to have the new bars get added to it on the right side. So that...
  5. K

    Software programmer seeking help to learn Algo-Trading

    Hello Guys, I am hardcore programmer majorly worked in .net, c#, socket programming, cloud, MSSql and other core technologies. Having 20+ years experience in programming and developing software architecture, now i want to contribute to algo-trading with my development skills. Please...
  6. S


    Hi everyone, I am a fellow trader currently focusing on commodity trading. I like intraday trading. I have 5 years of experience in trading and coding. I can code and modify mt4 indicator and expert advicers
  7. milind.wakale

    Trading Gateway API for Software Development.

    Hello Guys, I am required to get a software developed for receiving real time quotes and orders from Market via any broker. Which broker is best at providing me best real time data quotes and orders and does it has Trading Gateway API for software development? Please suggest me someone...
  8. J

    I need an Amibroker Programmer

    Hi, I need a new AFL/Indicator, similar to Trailing Stop, where I give the start date, entry price and if it is a buy or sell position. The Indicator starts to plot from my date and price. Parameter: - Date (I give the date manually) - Basis (it can be Open, High, Low or Close and the Stop...
  9. T

    Help with AFL for Parabolic SAR - Beginner

    Hi I'm beginning to learn programming with AFL. I tried to code a basic stop-and-reverse system which buys and sells on price crossing over SAR. I think I may have done some error in the coding, because instead of Buying and Selling on the crossover of the price on the SAR 'dot', the system...