Traderji Twitter : Debarghya Mukherjee

It is my request my Traderji friends and other members to use this thread as our Trading Twitter.

We will post our tweet ( small thoughts) all the day long here. Every body can post and can comments here.

Please keep your comments with in 200 characters. Let the ZEAL remains.

Short sentence of thoughts for traders. :)

let starts then....


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Sudarshan Sukhani : Are you expert?
You better start your home work again or can contact to your near schools. :D
Rupee Dollar relation made some impact on todays market sure. But any idea how long will this sustain? If RBI fails to make any difference then? Market will get a free fall!!
Any Idea what RBI will do today? REPO cut?

CRR Cut?

What you guys think?

Any clue that they will pump $ in market ?
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1) Luck
2) Hungry to do something new
3) Eager to do it
4) Endless learner.

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