swing trading

  1. N

    Practicing Equity Swing Trading With Only Price Action Analysis

    After many years started Equity Swing Trading using only price action analysis and found it quite stimulating to the mind and a good way to practice and refresh my skills. In this thread I intend to post the charts of the trades that I take along with reasoning behind taking those trade. Trade...
  2. A

    Understanding price

    Hi All, I've seen in many posts where some members say understanding/reading price is everything and most important. They go on to say indicators are not so reliable. I would like to know in detail about "understanding/reading price". Please point to some resources where I can learn more...
  3. spn1305

    Systematic Momentum and Pullback Swing Trading

    First thread on traderji, looking forward to interacting with you all. On this thread, I'll describe some systems that we can use to trade. I've been in the markets since about 4 years now, started when I was 15. I'm not a fully automated/quant trader, rather a market participant who likes to...
  4. B

    Agrawal corporate workshop review

    Could some please share the Agrawal corporate trading workshop reviews?
  5. TraderHR

    Stocks Ready to Break Out

    Stocks that are ready to break out and are consolidating in bullish/bearish triangles, flags, pennants, rectangles, and wedges ahead of the continuation of the trend.
  6. punam.fintrade

    Timeframe for Swing Trading ?

    Hi Friends, Can you please help, what Timeframe should be used to check Swing Trade Trend, and which Timeframe should be used to Enter / Exit the Market ? I use Technical Analysis Tools along with Chart Patters and Candlestick Patterns. Regards, Adi.
  7. J


    Hi, I do long term, swing and day trading full time, My first interest is day trading right now, but I am actively into all the areas. My experience has been about four years in day trading, six months in swing trading and more than 6 years in long term.
  8. kingsmasher1

    Is it possible to exit a bad delivery trade in T+1 day instead of waiting till T+2?

    Hi Guys, Suppose i buy shares of ABC company in delivery and go long. The next day (T+1) i realize i made a bad trade, and the prices are going down, unlike my expectation, and i decide to exit or square off my position right after T+1 day instead of waiting till T+2 and incurring further...
  9. vivektrader

    Tom de mark sequential monitor for nifty50 stocks

    sir, for trading TD sequential in futures on daily chart, the setups etc should be monitored on cash to maintain continuity or respective future series only? thanks
  10. B

    Does Zerodha Offer BTST and STBT?

    Hi, Does Zerodha Offer BTST and STBT? Please Give me Btst Scrip List
  11. T

    Technical Analysis - Back to the Basics....

    Technical Analysis - a very basic study of the charts and few moving averages, including mainly supports and resistances, not novice but a person with good hands on to the charts and indicators, can make profitable trades in short term period. This thread is started with the aim to let the...
  12. V

    As a beginner what should I do to start intra day trading or swing trading ?

    To be frank I am noob in this field [ Really a big noob, who knows nothing :( ] But before proceeding any further let me introduce myself :) I'm Souvik, a 20 yrs old from Kolkata. As of now I do nothing but play games, watch movies on my PC. So, I was thinking if I could be a trader, but most...
  13. U

    Hello Gurus - swing strategy for intraday?

    Hello Gurus, This is Uma from Hyderabad, thanks to you all, now I get to learn from a group of very intellectual professional traders. I'm new to trading but looking to make it a career and hopefully stop my day job 5-10 years down the lane if successful. Here's my question: I've...
  14. V


    Hi Friends, My name is Vipul Ramaiya, and I'm a CMT charterholder. My experience with the financial markets extends to 2005, when I first visited my friend who used to work with Sharekhan. Ever since, the markets have always fascinated me and I remain an eager student to learn all the time as...
  15. S

    FnO Trades -- INTRA/SWING

    Hi Friends, Last Few days, I started to Share my thoughts, Charts, Trades... in a NICE and INFORMATIVE ... Manish's Thread. as there a lot of Traderji Friends also sharing their views Trades which is very Knowledgeable for me as well as Many Other SILENT FOLLOWERS. But unfortunately...
  16. B

    Best book for swing trading

    Hi which is the best book for learning swing trading both basic and advanced level thank u
  17. B

    Recommend good book for swing trading

    HI Recommend some good book for swing trading both Basic and Advanced Levels Thank you
  18. K

    Swing trading with BNF

    Holding shorts from 12724 levels. SAR (Stop and reverse) for current short is 12726
  19. G

    Query-swing trading

    hi. i would like to know from the experts and experienced persons that which method is best suited for swing trading fibonaaci or gann technique?
  20. A

    My Swing Trading System

    Please comment with your valuable ideas for my Trading Strategy. Trading The Markets profitably with consistant results in the long run is possible. I am using this thread to explain and share my trading with Fellow Traderji Members. Hope you will understand the Trading. Foreword: My...