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here is a PREDICTION CHART created by a pro ON GOLD(auusd). posted on net,4th april. so far its accurate.

i am not the creator of the above chart and its for educational purpose only.


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Hi Amibrokerfans, would you like to share,
1. How to extract static and composite cycles.
2. How to do that in excel.
hi prashant_trader
i hope you dont mind keep my setting private.

there are few thread running about 'predicting' the time-price here. one is DPKAUR's "Trading through Gann Angles", another one currently started in software section "Which combination of indicators helps detect an impnding upmove or downmove reliably?".. but for me your thread title is perfect what i believe in.

the intention was posting the pics in your thread, give a view what is "market cycle" and how much it can be 'accurate' after 'proper analysis'.
yes i study cycles but you know there are many ways to slice the cake. you are doing well with gann. keep it up sir.

if you have interest on market cycles, google it, you will find lots of books and open-free forum discussed about it. without proper knowlage you cant detect the cycles.

keep it up all your hard work sir. i really enjoying your analysis.:thumb:
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