Some of my forecasts

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In above mentioned site you will find the historical EOD data may be which will help you.
any way i have checked your blog it is interested and i will visit your blog again and again. since i am interested in currency trading i hope your blog will help me to understand technicals.
It is almost midnight here. Hope to chat with you tomorrow at this time again. goodnight.:confused:goodday.


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In your blog you are not posting charts.
I don't post charts on many of my forecasts. In posting charts, it is largely motivated by what my readers want to see. As an example, there has been much interest in the usage of trend lines lately. You will notice this weekend several posts on the usage of trend lines with the charts.

On my blog there is also a series of posts on the proper usage of the ichimoku cloud, and another series on the usage of my S&R's.

Seeing this is the end of the year, I am also getting read for what I call my EOY extravaganza. On the 31st, there will be some charts that will preview the year through the eyes of my yearly S&R's. They will blow your mind when you see how accurate they really are. Just today, as an example, I had a trade that was entered at 1.0150 and exited at 1.0084, my MS2.

Finally, on Jan. 1st, I will be posting the yearly S&R's for 2011. They are also available in PDF via e-mail to whomever requests them.

Watch for my trend line series this weekend. You will be surprised to see the simplicity just in using them alone. Today's trade on the USD/CAD was entered because of an important apex, while under the cloud, so the move DOWN was obviated.

That one broker, I believe Citi group, has 123 pairs, but no INR pairs.

I know you mentioned in another post the program you have that shows the closing prices. I have one similar, but it does me no good in the usage of my S&R's, nor can I plot my TL's on it.


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My goal is to make this thread as useful and accurate as possible. As per the previous conversation, there is a need, especially on this forum, to have forecasts for the Indian rupee crosses. If anyone knows of how I may be able to get them through a demo account, I will be happy to give my analysis on what you might be looking for.
As for now, I do have gold, silver, crude oil, DJIA, natural gas, sugar, US index, the 30 individual major stocks on the DJIA, cocoa, orange juice, coffee, and many other commodities.
My methodology works on anything you can put a chart to, so even though I don't trade outside of forex, I'm not afraid to post my forecasts on anything you need.


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This pair has begun the awaited for corrective process. Support will be seen at the 4-hour tenken at .2538. The WS1 at 1.2711 should be no problem, and there is a likelihood of the WP being hit at 1.2789. The daily kijun at 1.3055 is an outside shot over the next few weeks

For now, a change in trend direction is not worth considering, as we are a long ways off for that.
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