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Hi guys,

I want to see previous 3 candles high and low. want to display everytime on my chart.

Can anyone suggest how to change this code.

GfxTextOut("1.Open - "+O+" High - "+H+" Low - "+L+" Close - "+C, Hor+400, Ver+10 );
GfxTextOut("2.Open - "+O+" High - "+H+" Low - "+L+" Close - "+C, Hor+400, Ver+30 );
GfxTextOut("3.Open - "+O+" High - "+H+" Low - "+L+" Close - "+C, Hor+400, Ver+50 )

Im getting 1= current candle. right.

2= i need previous candle. 3 next previous. like..

Need to add horizental lines for previous candles.. based on High and low.

plz any one help me.

thanks in advance.
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