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amitt29 / Bav
You may remember,few months back i was having that restart problem.So now i want a less heat generating one. AMD or Intel ? Or both are 19/20 case.My dead line is latest Tuesday,plz suggest.

I didnt know of restart problem.But can help you out locating the problem area.So in future u dont face it.

Tell me
were u using an onboard vga solution as in (pentium 3 and 810 based chipset or pentium 4 and 865 chipset etc based motherboard ),You can also come to chat room.I am here.


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Hi Bav.

Try not to bring my name in when making a point unless you are ready for an argument.

arguing is for armchair theorists. i can show you many reports that shows how intel without its HSF is much hotter than AMD. but then thats not my primary objective here. somehow cry hoarse to be right and type zillions. if thats your way of educating others then god bless you. and yeah, whet i meant by i did not understand about p35k was that i did not UNDERSTAND. finish. no connotations about whether it is right or wrong.

For Uasish

here's where practical insight comes in. in kolkata u wont get any of the 6600s yet easily with ordinary assemblers. so go for the amd stuff. even in branded with lenovo et al, you will get C2D 1.86 GHz or core duo 3.4 GHz. so go for the AMD or core duo 3.4 GHz. and remember when one says that C2D is cooler it is cooler than the mad heat generating P4 3GHz type. always take user feedback, not from theorists, sellers and people who themselves use very good cooling solutions. cut out all the crap and blah blah thats happening abroad. go to and you will get answers to most of the stuff happening here.


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now people have started manufacturing quotes too and attributing to me.

let the readers decide who they want to hear from. and yes it does make a difference as to what is available here. what is available in BLR and HYD is not whats available in Mumbai and wont be available in Kolkata as it is a demand driven mkt and dealers bring stuff only depending on demand. but then whats the point in explaining such market specific practical stuff to who will just bombard links.

one thing i stand corrected by you is it was a typo on my part it is dual core and not core duo.

and yes each reply of mine was given under a "practical situation". i have told a million times that to collect specific info, interact with users. why else would 5 sources give five diff spec results for products if they were so independent or use the same tests/platforms

situation specific practical knowledge is essential and will beat your qualifications tom tom (your CAPM/EMH was a great example) in any practical situation. asish will be running his system in koklata at >30 deg room temp for over 6 months a year. he will be assembling the stuff from a local assembler who may not be able to put the paste uniformly over the heat sink, as has been the case with many people here.

for everyone here, if u find any value in my post, i repeat, go by user reports: see examples

1. This may be known issue to some, but here it is any way. Check your heat sink for flatness across copper mating surface before installing!
I went through3 days or frustration trying to figure out my high temperatures problem. I was getting upper 30's idle, and with load
going to astronomical 70's on a stock e6400. I can only hope chip wasn't hurt. I finally ran across an article googling where some others had bad intel factory heat sinks. No problem now as I used the
heat sink off my other e6300. I am now having to buy an aftermarket heat sink to fix intels F-UP.

2. Only comment I can make on this thread is that the one that came with my E6700 had the factory thermal paste inconsistently applied, leaving
open voids. I stripped it and applied Artic Siler 5. The heatsink base was, however, dead flat.

so think whether your assembler can actually do a good job. when i called a guy in a reputed shop, he told me to take a branded PC over their own assembled one (its not about margin, we have very good relationship). he says that assembly may be poor for the same issues. and yeah for all practical based people do let me know in kolkata if u find a e6K or e4K c2Ds. would be grateful.
Some thoughts of mine on AMD vs Intel.

AMD was a winner over Intel hands down and will be till Intel changes its core(Pentium Architecture)(this was my feeling 3-yrs back,still is).Come to think of it,you can use your AMD for 5 years +,but in intel processor less than 5 yrs,because AMD produced a line of chips based on 1 architecture (Athlon) that has lasted 5yrs+ ..while intel uses diff archi on diff processors.

Yes, now Intel has stolen some thunder with their Core Duo, but look at AMD's timeline for new chips and fabrications and with them acquiring ATI only good news to come in the future for gamers and multimedia consumers, which is mostly mainstream computers.Read better choice means more value for money.

Intel simply has had a popularity edge over AMD forever because intel makes their name be known in HP, Dell, etc commercials. When will there be AMD tv commercials? Probably when intel gets their market share taken out of dominance. Until then, you'll have the average consumer 'automatically' buying an intel system before seeing the light with AMD.


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my only mistake was the cooling part in C2D vs AMD. Yes u were right only by perf reports. talk to users and you will see whether they face heating issues or not. I still maintain that the only substantial difference AMD and C2D is overclocking.

quotes were manufactured by you. show it otherwise instead of crying excuse. noone is trying to steal the show here. stealing show is what jobless egomaniacs who dont trade do. (i dont know if u r one, neither did i say so. all general opinions are lapped up by u as if u r targeted) for traders only trading records and equity curve speaks for themselves. for nontraders of course this is sidetracking. i want people to understand every nitty gritty of buying, and not buy and then repent. u sent a system to BLR and it works, big deal. i know more than 10 people in my circle who face heating prob, incl in BLR. now u will find more nos. ur whole objective is i being right, mine is being CAUTIOUS and warning others CAVEAT EMPTOR (BUYERS BEWARE). I am a trader who earns his money from the mkts, so i dont have nothing to prove/show here. if i was adamant about being right and stealing shows, i would be humbled by the markets long time back and would be on my path(from a successful trader's perspective) to sell newsletters/software by now. u may give the logic of gates richer than buffet and hence software selling makes more money than trading/investing, but any average trader anyday outperforms these avg sellers (again, not to say that u cant be a successful seller, my point being, if u can trade, u'll make much more than selling any day). and btw i never denied that u poste many useful stuff. but their actual usefulness in real life situation from cost benefit is questionable. specially there are so many newbies who jump in to buy latest stuff without understanding that just buying stuff, encouraged by smooth talking salesmen, without knowing that there is no magic bullet.

my old back up PC of P4 1.7G with 1 GB SDRAM also backfills and scans 70 stocks and 85 futs in 15 secs duing day trading. this is for people who thinks horse power = more return. i dont want to post hundreds of articles/research reports that shows the unholy nexus between software/hardware manufacturers trying to push price and products down your throat, cos thats a different topic altogether and i believe in a consumerist democracy everyone has a right to buy what they want, only be aware before you buy.
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Actually its the property of the thermal paste to get molten when the cpu warms up,so in a way it gets applied almost uniformly.

Steps any person can take to avoid heating problem.

1)Look for a big Case.
2)If 1 is fulfilled look for a case with perforations on side walls.
3)It will be added advantage if the case supports multiple fans.

After u mount any fans in the back of the case you can open one empty plastic slot provided in front of case(look for space below cdrom).Cool air is sucked in and flows out thru the fans provided in the back of the case.Just like an exhaust.

However if u cant manage anything of the above

Then if u dont have much dust or mice in your home or room u can just open one wall of the case and keep it opened.

These worked very fine for me in Kolkata for more than 3-4 years.And i lived in quite a dusty environment,in front of main thoroughfare.


For those in Kolkata: I went to the Chadni & Ganesh Ave area to-day (after a long time was away from mkt) & these are the Price:=
Supreme (manish 9831844751) ; Saboo ( sanjay 236 5173) ; Bariely (ezaz khan 22120 287) ;
1) Mobo Intel DQ 965 RY = 5100 / 5050 / 5050
2) C2Duo (2.4 GHZ ,4 MB,1066 MHZ FSB,LGA,775 MPN:BX 80557 E 6600 )
= 9600 / 9500 / 9600
3) RAM 1 GB * 2 Nos (ZION) = 2225 *2 / 2225*2 / 2250*2
3) HDD Seagate Barracudda 7200.10 80GB = 1675 / 1700 / 1650
4) Eyeball Cabinet with 2 extra fan = 1300.00
Only Supreme's Rates are taken for these as i may not opt for this.

1)Mobo : ASUS (M2N-E With NVIDIA n Force 570 Ultra Chipset) = 5500
2)Athlon X2 64*2 5200 + 2.6 GHZ ,2MB L2 Cache) = 8600
All these are negotiated & without taxes ,Extra 4 % Tax

Bav & amitt29,
Which should i opt for,plz guide.
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