Pre-requisites for trading(Hardware and software)

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I am much impressed with the answers given. But please tell me can I live with 256 KB dialup/broad band for equity related services. I use once in a while only


I am zero in these computer related stuffs.What would you suggest for me ?
1) I use Metastock EOD ,migrating to Inta + EOD version of MS9;
2) Do backtesting & now intend to do it on Intradatas.
3) Use only PIB on mkt ,intend to use MS on mkt.
4) In new computer need no other use like games/video/etc ,except Stock Mkt related work.
5) Absolutely cost concious only value for money,can spend on all essentials.
As you are related to stock mkt & have a good understanding of what one needs on hardware hence your suggestion is awaited.


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I have finally decided to go in for metastock on a monthly subscription, can some1 tell me if i can get a trial of the software before paying?

By the way I am shocked by their site. Never seen a worse site for a product which seems to be very popular.
Almost seems like they gave it to a bunch of kids to design and write.

Neo :)


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if you are interested in 3 or 4 monitors, do not go and buy more graphics cards as suggested by someone here in some thread. thats just a waste of money. instead buy matrox graphics dual head to go, triple head to go etc.

dont go for quads yet, cos very few apps can take advantage of it as of now. by the time they do, prices will come down substantially. ram with a high FSB(a must, that noone talks about) is a must. upto 2gb is good. dont go for 64bit systems as they dont have any substantial advantage..and the opinion on vista is the same. given a choice, put the money in XP professional.


All these go over my head.Decided to place order for upgradatio by tuesday,as per your suggestion these i would require
1) ASUS p35k;
2) Intel Core 2 Duo E6450 ;
3) 2 no DDR2 800 (Hi-nex make) 1 GB;
3) 160 GB Sata Hard Disc ;
All other components of the existing one.
What is your view on this ,awaiting your valued suggestion.
The job i want this computer to do
1) Still now working with EOD data,want to subscribe to intraday data & use Metastock intraday .
2) All type of rigorous Back testing on intraday datas.



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even though we do good service here, the problem is due to lack of time, and nature of forum, we give half info. just by adding horsepower you dont get advantage unless you dont know how to put the horsepower to work. and for all those people who are jumping to buy these new specs, pls remember that there are many issues that are not discussed. do u know how to monitor proccy utilization? do u know ANYTHING about heating and that these PCs if not assembled properly or even otherwise touch 75 degress while on high loads. do u have ACs on or do u have coolant based system, water or otherwise?
do your research before jumping. believe me, most traders here can do with this kind of a spec
E4300 @ 3GHz/Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi/2*1GB DDR2 667/XFX 8600GT 256MB @ 720|850/2*160GB WD in RAID 0 + 320GB Seagate/ LiteOn 1693S/PCTV 100i/VA1912wb (if u want a TV Tuner)/Altec Lansing VS2321/XP pro or Vista home/

and for old horses

Intel have released beta drivers for G965 based motherboards which have GMA X3000

This will enable hardware vertex processing or hardware transform & lighting (HW T&L) on onboard graphics

remember that specs are released under certain test conditions that maximize performance. just like the sales pitch of newsletter writers and software makers in TRADING.

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