Pre-requisites for trading(Hardware and software)


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for some cooling stuff for E6600

Swiftech Apogee Waterblock - CPU
Swiftech MCW30 - NorthBridge
Car RAD & FAN + local 500L/hr pump
120mm FAN on cpu-socket area
Corsair DOMINATOR Air-Flow[with P5N32-E SLI]


I dont understand these things,plz suggest a value for money buy for my use.
These are greek letters to me ,i dont understand,tell me what to tell the shop keepers of Cadni Chowk or Ganesh Ave Shops,to get a good upgradation.
1) Mother board;
2) Processor;
3) Ram ;
Purpose of use:
1)Intraday data on line ,with Metastock explorations on mkt hrs.
2)Lots of Backtesting off mkt.

All these go over my head.Decided to place order for upgradatio by tuesday,as per your suggestion these i would require
1) ASUS p35k;
2) Intel Core 2 Duo E6450 ;
3) 2 no DDR2 800 (Hi-nex make) 1 GB;
3) 160 GB Sata Hard Disc ;
All other components of the existing one.
What is your view on this ,awaiting your valued suggestion.
The job i want this computer to do
1) Still now working with EOD data,want to subscribe to intraday data & use Metastock intraday .
2) All type of rigorous Back testing on intraday datas.

Basically what he meant was that are you a type of person who prefers to listen to the music,while eating and trading and thinking,and talking on phone and watching movie or are you a simple meat and potatoes man.If you are the former go for the specs given by Raja,else any decent system(eg what you are going for will suffice for the work you do).

Believe me the lastest 3d Games like OBlivion,Unreal Tournament,Quake4 etc are the most CPU intensive,Graphics intensive applications.Any decent system with Creative Labs SoundCard,Geforce AGP card(not PCI express)with over 2ghz speed and 1 GB ram wud suffice.I dont think any trader wud run backtesting and do trading at the same time or even live testing and trading at the same time.

Go for a system like that quadcore etc if u want to run SETI.:p
You are absolutely spot on about agp almost = pci. However what about upgradability??? Also pure biz people might even survive with onboard video!!!! Forget fancy video cards!!! Go with onboard video+sound if you REALLY want to save money.
I have min standards for my builds. My builds need to fly thru latest version of an id fps (quake type stuff) and the build needs to have 7.1/optical in/out for sound. Others might be able to cut corners in this dept based on their own personal requirements.

The point of pci-e/new chipsets is the upgrade path. These are not just my words. These are words of the resident authorities on the net. Look around on any good site (few links given earlier). Here's one fresh link:

What if you want to upgrade your gfx or cpu in 2 years?? (Are you going to need extra pci slots or extra pci-e slots in 3 years to add next gen expansion boards???? Hint: Asus Xonar which will allow you to bypass drm and mantain sound quality will come in pci-e form factor)
P.S: Most penryn/am2+ compatible next gen mobos will come with pci-e support not agp, think of it as a free bonus. (p35 comes with pci-e/pci and is my favorite chipset for intel based on what limited reading I have done so far, amd haven't looked into recently as mentioned in my old posts due to my own reasons. i975/i965 can also be used if on a budget but penryn support might be iffy. I haven't investigated onboard video personally because I like to play games so I am not the right person to give advice on chipsets with onboard video)

If you're buying a second hand system or a very cheap system without being concerned about upgradability then AGP is fine (i.e you will go buy an entirely new system in 3-5 years). Just make sure you're saving enough money to justify the lack of upgradability in 3-5 years.

Also if you see an old post of mine you will notice I have posted a damn cheap+nice temp solution mobo for those who need 2gb of ram or less
The asrock dual which supports both agp+pci-e and ddr+ddr2!!!
Only caveat I have never used this manufacturer's stuff before.

Havent ever used onboard video,right from my p2 days.Used to have i740 then and a real vodoo banshee(still have it).Then the tnts took over and
finally Geforce.

Anytime i want to upgrade,i just sell and add few bucks and upgrade.

The last time i upgraded i had athlon xp 2000+(Barton)A7v8x(Asus Mb).Had bought them for 8k,sold em for 4k after using 2 years.

Btw we seem to have 2 things in common Computer Games(FPS's at that),and choice of Logitech Z series as speakers.Albeit i have z5300.Planning to get Klipsch.:D


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hi asishda,

i dont know what raja has suggested by asus p35k. i dont think you should take a Core2Duo system if u dont play games on the PC or use overclocking. The main advantage of C2D over current AMD is overclocking. moreover C2D will need proper cooling, while AMD will run fine with stock cooling (the usual fan etc). if u r assembling the same at chandni, they wont be able to provide you with better cooling.

for amd, go for this combo
Asus M2N-SLI Dlx price around 8300 OR Asus
M2N-E with NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra Chipset price around 5500

for proc, get Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHz 2MB L2 cache price around 8500

this should be enough for your trading to scan > 1000 stocks every minute.

rest everything is ok. it is Hynix (the one that u have said as Hi-nex)
other configs are also possible. just let me know if it stretches your budget.

btw this is a balance between the cutting edge and semi futureproff. if u want to future proof for 3 years, Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz E6700 - 4MB Shared L2 Cache for around 15500 (for which the motherboard will change accordingly), but i doubt that you need that. there's no need to stress your PC unnecessarily. you can scan 1000s of symbols in one fast PC and place your orders through the ordinary 2nd PC.
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In a nutshell Raja has defined how u shud look for upgrade,it shud be feature rich and future ready.
problem is that theres no future ready stuff as such. if u dont have excess money to throw, and take trading as a business, u have go purely by cost/benefit. what would you go for (even if u dont really dont need that)?

Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz E6700 - 4MB Shared L2 Cache for 15500 or Core 2 Duo 2.13 Ghz E6400 - 2MB Shared L2 Cache for 8000 and then 2 years down the line upgrade to quad core for may be another 8000? there's no correct answer for this, and remember just because u put more H/W doesnt mean that ur trading will give more return. so again it is the question of optimization, cost benefit and personal preference!


Between AMD / Athlon & Intel which one is Less heat generating.

Another thing ,do you feel i should have 2 PCs .

I dont play games ,(my son & daughter mostly stay away with their proffessional assignments) nobody in family play games ,this PC is mostly for my use.
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AMD is the company which makes Athlon CPU's.Intel makes Pentium,Celeron series of chips.

Heat matter is quite subjective.

Main difference i found between these 2:
AMD and the compatible board allows u to save some dough for more RAM and or possibly better AGP/PCI-e/Better SoundCard.

Pentiums offer you a cooler solution,but costs a bit more than AMD's.

Bottomline you definitely can buy more RAM when u buy AMD based solution,if budget is restricted.It also leaves you with more options to upgrade later.

Personally i prefer the underdog AMD over Intel.

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