Pre-requisites for trading(Hardware and software)


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Someone was asking about multi monitor stands

The name of the company is ergotron
The 4 monitor model is ds100
How you will find such a gem in India is a riddle I cannot solve.
Might be hidden away somewhere.

Here in germany costs 250 euros
250+220*4 (20inch screens) = almost a 40 inch screen. Just that you can't use one large window :)
thanks rajak, thank you very much.

that type of Monitors are sell by DELL also. But not in India


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yes same question, what hardware is required to run 2 lcd's?
how expensive?
and does it slow down the machine?
If You Can't Live Another Day Without A Multi Monitor Setup, Then Just Simply Use A KVM Switch, It's A Lot Cheaper Than Some Of The Suggestions You Have Already Received, You Can Get One From eBay Quite Cheap.....


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