POLL - Which is the Best Broker in India

What is the Best Broker in India

  • Angel Broking

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  • HDFC Securities

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  • ICICI Direct

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  • Axis Direct

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  • Kotak Securities

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  • Religare

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Comparisons, Discussions, Opinions on Best Broker

I am a Beginner with 0% Experience. Looking for Customer Friendly, Easy to Operate, BEST Trading Broker

Please Share your Experiences, Recommendations Here (For any Broker you Like). Please Take Part in Poll Too

Thanks in Advance
I'm surprised you have not added RKSV whereas all relic traders are included!
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You are looking for discount brokers or full brokers.. it could be different accordingly.
Actually I am very new with 0% Experience

So Please advice where should I go Discount or Full Service Broker

As much as I discovered I think Full Service Brokers are Good for Beginners as they Provide Advisory

I am gonna put very low amount in Starting so please Suggest accordingly

Thanks in Advance

Lets push limits for Yearly-Plan across India

:! In any kind of unsolicited phone calls/emails/queries, We can describe our current broker as providing Yearly-Plan, with real-time, IEOD and EOD tick data included. If they query about the name of our current broker, then simply tell them MYOB (Mind Your Own Business.. :annoyed:)

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