best broker

  1. Sanskar Pathk

    Stable Discount Broker

    I want to open a demat account with a discount broker.I currently have one with icici direct but their brokerages are ridiculously high and the platform they provide is shit. I had made my decision to open one with Zerodha but after researching I found that many people were complaining about its...
  2. pannet1

    Best NSE Index Options Brokerage Plan

    Hi, I got a little tired of finding an alternate broker from the one that I am using currently. So I want to create a Poll to find out what others are using and its easy to come to a conclusion. Please participate in the poll only if you are trading with that broker. Even if you have more than...
  3. pulkit55

    POLL - Which is the Best Broker in India

    Comparisons, Discussions, Opinions on Best Broker I am a Beginner with 0% Experience. Looking for Customer Friendly, Easy to Operate, BEST Trading Broker Please Share your Experiences, Recommendations Here (For any Broker you Like). Please Take Part in Poll Too Thanks in Advance
  4. C

    Help me choose a best trading broker plz....

    Hi, I'm currently associated with SBI CAPSEC, the reason I'm leaving is of their high brokerage (0.15% charged on both time buying and selling on intraday !!!!!) and their trading platform sucks... My requirements *A less brokerage (=<0.05%) * Better Online trading platform *Exposure...
  5. G

    Which Broker is best?

    Which broker is best for swing trading? currently i am using icicidirect
  6. S

    Suggest me the Best Online Broker...Please

    I am very New to Trading....I want to Start my Trading with a low invest of Rs.25-50K. Please suggest me the best Online Broker who has the Best Online Software....Offcourse i would like to consider their Brokerages also....
  7. D

    Suggest me about online day trading!!!n Post U r Good Analysis Views....!!!Dont spam!

    :sos: Hi Frndz... Good Morning!!! Im new to online day i read the post:[Absolute Beginners Guide]....and now i wish to know about the folllowing... How and where to open an individual demat/trading...
  8. R

    Angel Broking : my recommendation

    hi friends after goin thru many threads on brokers, i found tht all brokers hav some disadvantages......... :( i found tht angel broking had least complaints..... i already had an account with sharekhan.... their service is also good, but they charge high brokerage...... so i opened an...