1. madank

    Thoughts on "The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!"

    Dear all, Lets have a discussion on the topics posted in this thread. http://www.traderji.com/community/threads/the-a-to-z-of-trading-career-musings-of-a-professional-trader.105523/ Looking forward to some valuable and fun-filled comments/discussions.
  2. pulkit55

    POLL - Which is the Best Broker in India

    Comparisons, Discussions, Opinions on Best Broker I am a Beginner with 0% Experience. Looking for Customer Friendly, Easy to Operate, BEST Trading Broker Please Share your Experiences, Recommendations Here (For any Broker you Like). Please Take Part in Poll Too Thanks in Advance
  3. E

    Forex Trading

    Hello All, "This is for all the people trading or investing in any financial market." I recently checked out the differences between Stock Markets and Forex and to my surprise Forex is way more flexible and provides lot of other advantages over Stock Market. What do you guys think about...
  4. verbum4it

    This is my introduction for all

    Hi. I am from Indonesia. I want to learn and discuss with many friends from all over the world about forex trading. I will also try to give my best if I can. But, it is important to know from members about it because I know that they are the best for me.
  5. M

    mutual funds nationwide research survey

    Please contribute for Nationwide Research work on Mutual funds by survey at following link http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dFplRldkVHpqeXFybWdFYTMtU3k4eXc6MQ
  6. Saint

    Going With The 60min Flow!!!

    As is obvious,this thread is for the trader trading the 60min charts.For any intraday postings,I usually post on Asish's thread "Time to stick my neck out".......For swing/position moves,I post in the "New Intermed Uptrend".But for the 60min trades,have been at a loss where exactly to post...