Please Advise. Nbi Industrial finance co ltd. Sell or Not Sell.How to Sell?

Hello! Everyone

I am new to this site and new to trading!

So here's my question:

I have about 200 Shares in NBI Industrial Finance Co LTD. Could you please suggest, if this is a good time to sell these share? If YES what is the best way to sell them? As i recently got a letter from an agent/ broker wanting to buy them at my door step for mere 100 Rs per share. Although, looking at various financial reports, breakdowns and analysis gives me an impression that each share is worth thousand of rupees. The share price sited on 2nd March 15 was Rs 11,448.55 per share. So how and to who can i sell them at that price? Could you please advise as i am very new to the whole process. ANY HELP APPRECIATED! :)

Thanks & Regards

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