My MF SIP Portfolio - Please advise


Please verify my mutual fund SIP portfolio:-

DSPBR Equity-G Rs. 3000 per month
HDFC Top 200-G Rs. 9000 per month
ICICI Pru Infrastructure-G Rs. 2000 per month
IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G Rs. 8000 per month
Reliance Regular Savings Equity-G Rs. 3000 per month

Please advise on selection of my funds and any other comments. Senior members please help if I can make any corrections.
In my view all funds are very good. But one sectoral fund may be avoided and can be replaced with icici focused blue chip fund in current market scenario. Best of luck.


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A switch over of ICICI Pru Infrastructure-G to ICICI pru Discovery or HDFC Mid Cap Opportunity or any gold fund is advisable.

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