Hello! I want to start nifty trading website. Please advise

Hi All,

I am an Engineer, currently holding a full time job. Stock markets have been my passion, and I have been trading on NSE for the last 8+ years. After initial hiccups, I have been successful in my trading, and now want to leave my job and become a full time trader.

Along with full time trading, I was also thinking of starting a website for giving trading recommendation to subscribers for a fee (only 1 instrument - Nifty Futures). Through this website, I also intend to share my analysis (free and paid), and also provide training on Technical Analysis to traders (free and paid).
The purpose of this website is to get some additional and consistent income using my skills, as in trading, we don't have a regular flowing income by doing trades.

I came across new SEBI guidelines for investment advisers through a thread on traderji (http://www.sebi.gov.in/cms/sebi_data/attachdocs/1358779330956.pdf). My question is - if I open this website, will I have to register with SEBI as an investment adviser? I have gone through the document and it is difficult to decipher regarding eligibility and people who are exempt. I am going to give trading advice in Derivatives (Nifty Futures). Is it considered same as Investment Advice?
If the answer to the first question is Yes, and assuming that I am able to get certificate from SEBI, there are elaborate regulation for an investment adviser - like KYC, knowing client financials etc. It is very difficult to maintain these regards by single person, on a web based platform. And most of these informations cannot be verified.

Please advise.

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