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    Why was I not able to sell?

    Greeting to Everyone. I had been wanting to query this for a long time. Platform: Sharekhan online trading. Exchange: BSE or NSE(can't recall) Stock: Asian Oilfield services. Way back in 2005, I had bought Asian Oilfield Services for 22 Rs. Within 30-40 days, it began to shoot up very fast...
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    Selling shares via Angel Broking help!!

    Back in the time I owned the physical shares of 2-3 old companies which still trade in the market and in the past year, I have converted them into Demat account with DP Angel broking. Now recently I am using their online service (Angel Eye) to trade in shares. But when I was tried to sell...
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    Please Advise. Nbi Industrial finance co ltd. Sell or Not Sell.How to Sell?

    Hello! Everyone I am new to this site and new to trading! So here's my question: I have about 200 Shares in NBI Industrial Finance Co LTD. Could you please suggest, if this is a good time to sell these share? If YES what is the best way to sell them? As i recently got a letter from an...
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    At what gain percentage should we sell a stock (day, swing trading)

    As the question suggest for swing or day trading at what percentage of profit should we sell the stocks to make it profitable? whether its 2%, 20% or 50% of gain. (please conside SBI trading platform and its charge and the initial buying share price is 200 rupees).
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    Demat & trading account opening time period

    hi friends, I need to know the quickest time period in which one can open a demat + trading account & share trades. Also please advice on the best company to be with for this. I am a complete newbie to trading & I need to sell & get funds of my shares(which are in physical format) as soon as...