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  1. M

    How is Zorro algo trading software?

    I came across this web page of zorro Any one here used this software? Whats your opinion about this software?
  2. F

    Please Advise. Nbi Industrial finance co ltd. Sell or Not Sell.How to Sell?

    Hello! Everyone I am new to this site and new to trading! So here's my question: I have about 200 Shares in NBI Industrial Finance Co LTD. Could you please suggest, if this is a good time to sell these share? If YES what is the best way to sell them? As i recently got a letter from an...
  3. R

    Safest of Safe Trade !!

    Hi, Which is the safest trading strategy, giving micro returns daily or monthly. Not being too risky. Any expert tips and suggestion would be very help full. Thanks, Rahul
  4. N

    My Intraday Trading Journal

    Lets Trade Together
  5. M

    New to trading

    Hi , I am new to trading... With out knowing any basics of stock market , I invested in day trading and lost money with in short span of Time.. Kindly suggest me some day trading tips.. Thanks in advance
  6. M

    Need clarification on Fixed Fractional Money Management

    Hi All, I am in the process of learning few aspects before put my money for trading in stock market. From various sources I went through some technical analysis and money management. In money management I am little confused with Fixed Fractional Trading. Lets assume that I am risking is 3%...
  7. G

    trading from cellphone anyone

    dear members i am an active trader however i can not carry my laptop at my workplace can i use a cellphone for this.... can u suggest an internet enabled cellphone that can be used for trading i use reliancemoney which runs only on ie6 and above and needs java enabled.. to the best of...
  8. R

    trading partner needed

    hi guys, this may seem weired but i'm looking for a trading partner(not trading money partner) for sharing my ideas and his ideas as well every trading day over skype or yahoo msgr and mutually benefiting each the way I live in usa and if any of the active traders in the forum are...
  9. sdalal

    USD/INR: just move down

    EUR/USD Support EUR/USD has support at 1.3785. Europe is facing new challenges as After greece ,there is a talk of Spain and Portugal may come in a mess. Eur/USD may touch 1.35 in coming weeks. IND/USD ,can see 44.1 ON 19th feb: Eur/USD made a low of 1.344
  10. D

    hello !!

    hello to all i am a newbie in the world of trading and looking forward to learn and earn:)
  11. J


    I am a software professional and am new to trading. Hope you guys help to earn millions !!! Begging to earn millions !!!
  12. S


    I am new to trading, only one year exprience, please advise me for current stock and IPO