My Trading Journey - Day Trading the account with ~ 1000 INR

Today, Nifty may get +ve for first few hours and end up with -ve. I have some doubt on today's prediction. By the end of the day, it will get clear.

Hi all Traders,

I failed in this experiment. Few days before I had only 50 INR :)

Reason : Prediction

Result (till now) : Predicting the market will give you either huge advantage or huge disadvantage while trading.

My View : Still I believe predicting the market will make us stand out of the crowd and give huge ROI if done correctly.

Where I'm heading now ?
I predicted the market based on the data analysis and opening price. But now I'm doing some research over Gann methods, Cheiro work and our Indian planetary based calculations.

I purchased the book " Stock Market Analysis through Vedic Astrology" by R.G Krishnan for 33 USD. I'm still reading and trying to understand Vedic principles connected to financial market.

My Method : Prediction => Technical Confirmation => Trade

Account Value : ~ 19K ( I added some fund)
Last week Highest Gain in one day : ~ 9000 INR
Last week Highest loss in one day : ~ 12000 INR

I will update this thread as frequent as possible. I will never quit this trading till I get consistent result.

Hi Nagappan

This book on stock market analysis by RG Krishnan is not currently available. I am based out of India. Are you based out of India as well ?


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