trading analysis

  1. rip07

    Laid back type of trading

    Life is pretty simple so the trading but both are not easy to execute in a fashion to get out maximum of yourself. Here, I will try sharing those trading steps which might make easier our trading journey. Fellow members also can contribute. It will serve the purpose of thread, 'sharing while...
  2. N

    My Trading Journey - Day Trading the account with ~ 1000 INR

    Hi all Traders, I am Nagappan. I'm frequent reader of traderji and this is my first thread. I'm doing data research for last 2 years and tested many strategies I crafted based on several factors. I'm still not satisfied with the result. I have enough time to do this further. Making...
  3. Blackhole

    Lovely Chit Chats

    He Rode On A Cycle From India To Sweden To See His Wife! The story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin looks like every a Bollywood potboiler, except it’s real. In this cruel world of instant makeout and instant breakups, this love story will reinstate hope in true...
  4. mlg

    Trading strategy

    Hi traders, Did anybody tried fxkeys forex intra-day trading system for stocks. This strategy is initially intended for stocks it seems. Did anybody used it for intra-day trading in stock market? Thanks, mlg
  5. N

    My Intraday Trading Journal

    Lets Trade Together
  6. G

    INFOSYS 5 min ST trading

    Infosys with ST. Gapup on 20th cuts the profits
  7. P

    New to investments

    Greetings!! I'm new to investment in shares. I'm in need of a few clarifications (not individual opinions) with appropriate analysis. -- Is it right time to invest in this present market collapsing situation? -- As I'm not investing huge amount in market at the moment (budget is max...
  8. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Swing and Day trading Strategy

    Hello My Traderji Friends, I am back in Traderji after many months. I was reading my old posts and threads today. Thank you all for participating and making them live even after so many days. Some asked me by phone or by my email/Traderji Msg service why did you left this forum. :) Well...
  9. 4

    Do you have a market for me to forecast?

    I'm flattered that many people wanted me to start a separate thread from the one I already started at "Some of my forecasts" (I guess it is okay to plug my own thread.) to focus more on markets outside of forex. I did some thinking about all that, and this is what I came up with. Post in this...