My Trading Journey - Day Trading the account with ~ 1000 INR

Today Nifty may get +ve in first half and +ve in second half too. Let's check how well this is going to be correct one.

Expected Turning point timings : 9:45 AM and 11:30 AM
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Hi all,

As usual end up with big loss today.

But prediction I made in the morning seems reasonable. Nifty was +ve in the first half and end up with +ve in the second half.

9:45 AM was expected as turning point which is true.
11:30 AM was expected as another turning point which is wrong.

See the Pic below

Nifty may get positive in the +ve half and end up with +ve . Let's check in the end of the day.

For past eight trading days, I experience good prediction. Astro based prediction seems better than data science based prediction.

Today made some good profit.

Prediction also went as per the analysis. i.e Nifty was +ve in the first half and end up with +ve in the second half.

9:30 AM Candle timing is correct but 11:00 AM timing is wrong.

Need to analyse again for timing the turning points.

Nifty may get +ve in the first half but around 10 - 11 AM may get indecision phase then end up with +ve int he second half. Let's check how this is going to happen.

Ended up with small profit.

Today also market went as per prediction. Nifty was +ve in the first half and ended with +ve in the second half.
Around 10 AM some indecision in price movement was there and it extended upto 12 PM

See the pic below

Initially Nifty may get +ve for half an hour to one hour then Nifty may get -ve and end up with -ve.

I will post the chart at the end of the market today. If prediction goes wrong, I need to analyse whole thing and find out where I do mistake.


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