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manga bhi to kya manga , thoda jyada to mangta , itna to dene mein bhi sharam aayegi :mad:
nahi aayegi. Trading par aaya hai to sharam bank me rakh kar aaya hoga. 8 saal baad double ho jayegi, lekin filhaal absent hai :D


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NOVEMBER - 2013.


WEEKLY ( 04/11/2013 TO 08/11/2013)

LAG OF TREND : CORRECTION SELL (Till Prices Trade below 6315)

November Month is just begun. In Current week, Since Month is Still trading in Restricted Range (RR) We have No Clear View on "Lag of Trend" of Month Charts, so no Weekly Trade is available.

Weekly, today opened with a Correction Sell in an Uptrend. Expect this correction to extend till level of 6170-6150. Further, In case this levels are not achieved and Prices manage to Trade above 6315, Consider that correction is completed and original uptrend begins in weekly time frame with minimum projected target of 6380 and more.

Intraday trader will look only for selling opportunities till prices are trading below 6315. Further selling nearer to target levels of 6170-6150 shall be avoided.

Dear Dipesh,

What is lag of Trend ?
Are levels given are Spot Nifty ?


We prefer to focus on which lag of trend market is trading, instead of Trend.

And yeah, Rates in all posts above is based on spot rates.
We have 4 Lags of trend..

A. Uptrend and Uptrend Continues

B. Uptrend and Correction Sell
C. Uptrend and Correction Sell Completed and Original Uptrend Begins

D. Uptrend And Trend reversal sell..

Same for Downtrend..
Tgondalia.. Sir, What I am sharing is useful to you. If you want to know in detail and want to do by your own, then join Himanshu sir 's class. Can't explain everything on thread.
Monthly Trend : Uptrend
Lag of Trend : Correction Sell (Till Prices Trade Below 6285)

Weekly Trend (11/11/2013 to 15/11/2013) : Down Trend
Lag of Trend : Not Known ( Will be Known once Next Week Begins)

In Previous Week, we observed that from Tuesday itself Weekly was Trading with Correction Sell and Hence we preferred to be on Selling Side in Intraday Trading until Prices traded below 6315. This Correction Sell was Known below 6264 Spot Level. Since then market struggled a lot to cross 6315 but it didn't crossed and eventually fell to weekly low of 6120 today.

Next Week, Pre-opening Trend is Down-Trend and Monthly is in Correction Sell till prices trades below 6285, suggests a Weekly Trader to look for only for Selling Opportunities. Since we got clear Lag of Trend for Monthly, from next week onward I will be posting Weekly as well as Carry Over Trades with Targets and Stop Losses.

Have a Nice Weekend.


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