1. sanju005ind

    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Started this thread for sharing ideas related buy stocks for swing and positional. I will be posting my observation of the historical behavior of some the top stocks and search those characteristics in other stocks.I will be using Technical Analysis and a little bit of basic Fundamental analysis.
  2. Trikaal Capital

    NIFTY Futures & Options Positional, Algo Based

    Simple Buy Sell recommendations for Nifty futures and options for positional traders based on algorithms. It is NOT based on technical analysis as that is a subjective field. Aim is to help you with making money, not to teach you because making a robust and successful algo may need years. And...
  3. G

    Order entry issue

    Hi every one, myself Gautam dey age 35, new into your forum, I have an issue on order entry can anyone help me? I wish to take positional swing trade on banknifty future yet my capital is limited ( 1.1 lakhs). Assume a situation I take position on long in banknifty future trade in 24296 price...
  4. Tuna

    Nifty 2017

    Hi All, This is a yearly thread (Jan - Dec 2017). I am discontinuing my earlier Nifty thread as I am trying to bring in some pattern to my postings on Nifty. On this thread, I will post: My View on Nifty for Next week. This post will be done on weekend, with charts. There will be no calls or...
  5. dipaarti

    My Trading Diary - Nifty Trader

    Hello Traders, Its been quite a long time ascertaining and finalizing writing a Trading Diary. Had been writing it in a book since a month and after quite a good success, decided to post my own thread with my own trading. By Nature, I am a more of a Positional Trader. 50% of My trading...
  6. A

    NIFTY BANKNIFTY Zero to Zero Strategy

    For time being I have been looking for some strategy which requires minimal time in front of screen. I have one "Mid day break out" system which is very good; but even that I am finding difficult for its night time for me. I hope this one will turn out great for me and for every one who wants...
  7. Nehal_s143

    Positional Trades AFL

    i am small day trader, i found a strategy for positional trades on net, i want to create AFL for the same so that strategy can be tested Condition 1. MACD (12,26,9) is Below Zero & Stochastic (20,5,5) has given negative cross over, plot sell signal if satisfy the condition & close below...
  8. TFL

    Trader in a PATHMAVYUH

    Say, In 60 Min Flow we are long on a particular day with a SAR. Suppose in the next day me got some health issues, unable to wakeup from the bed and hospitalised. Suddenly in the last hours of trade we hit SAR and everyone reversed except me. There starts running my losses higher and...