Sach's Option Trading Diary in Banknifty (6 Time 30Days Challange Won)


Impatient Trader

I am Trading in Stock Market since long time, Became Profitable from 3-4 Years.

I am primarily was trading in Banknifty Futures earlier as a Intraday Trader but from last one year I have Shifted Banknifty Intraday Options Trading. And I am doing well here but still I have a lot of mistakes I do which are mainly disciplinary mainly.

Posting here in Traderji so as to improve myself where I am making mistakes.

I have won Fyers 30 Days Challange 6 Times Consecutively, now Running 7th. Also Won Zerodha Challange 4 Times Consecutively. Fyers and Zerodha Challange Helped me Immensly to be a Habit of Making Profit. (Currently Majorly Trading With Fyers)

Thanks in advance for Traderji Forum.

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