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Varunji any analysis on crude today???
OBV more often than not gives clean breakouts and dictates the market direction. I was pitying people who were buying puts for every 50 pts. rise. When the BN future started trading in discount, i remember i had sold 22000PE around 550 on friday and covered it today because of the confidence which OBV gave me. The OBV largely represents the serious market participants and their chartered course. Now you all tell me what else is left to teach about OBV. It is as simple as trading the BO/BD of OBV. You do not need rules or a method for it. Sure SL may hit but then it hits, what can one do about it.
In Nifty we are at all time high in Price and OBV, but there is a cause for concern in BN as there are still 2 bands of resistance in OBV above today's closing levels. There is a visible divergence between price and OBV as we are still lower in OBV levels from the levels reached a few days ago when we made a high around 21970 in BN futures. These levels might provide points of reversal/ retracement if not conquered.

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