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Varunji, I was new to this forum but have learned lot from your methods and charts and still learning....dont bother about anyone...For every good there is bad so dont stop your good work :) ...
I had given this call in some other forum on friday itself based on my OBV charts. I had also given a call to buy Reliance 1380 call above 19 based on OBV charts which i would be posting shortly. It made a high of 59 today in 2 days flat. (that is 3 times in less than 2 days) and still people say that OBV does not give an edge. I guess only God can give these people a real and tangible edge. When you say people have edge i say no anybody can have an edge if he follows his methods dilligently. (Remember i had sold 1380 CE at 40 when i wanted to lock my profits in 1240 CE bought at 42. Well Not only did i sell my 1240 CE (by selling Future at 1430 against it as it was illiquid) i also sold my 1380 call Which had become free for me when i bought it at 20 at 55 and bought a 1380CE of next month at 65. This i did as Reliance would be declaring their results today.


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If we all traded the same way, there would be no stock market :)

Varunji, you are an excellent teacher and have shared and taught a great deal. Please continue to do so, please don't expect that everyone should agree with you. To co-exist, we all have to agree to disagree on certain points and move on. I might love jackfruit and you might hate them or vice versa, thats called taste :) Same with trading the markets.

You have added a lot of value to this forum and taught us all a lot. Whether we are convinced or whether we want to use OBV in our trading is up to each individual. Please let it it not stop you from teaching or sharing.
I have taught all i could. What is the purpose of teaching if i only have to fuel my ego. Till the time people come up and say that they have made real money trading this method, it would only be of academic interest. I am no professor. Real money can only be made when you plunge in. Paper trading and 90 years back testing is not going to help anyone.
OBV is as powerfull if not more powerfull than price itself. Do you backtest price. Those who understand this statement would also understand its relevance. (Just like you cannot backtest price action, you cannot backtest smart volume action). When everybody agrees that liquidity moves market then how can you backtest liquidity (Volumes). OBV is not just an indicator it is smart volume action. The day you understand this everything would fall into place.
Instead of making fun of my method and me, just wait for my rejoinder after market hours which would silence my critics once and for all. I felt very humiliated when somebody had voiced his opinion on my matter of fact remarks of burning the midnight oil. But more than that i was disappointed with people who i thought were my friends who never came to my rescue or support. From then on i had decided i would never post on TJ ever as people are so double faced. Any ways just one last post from me where i will prove finally why and how OBV works. Price action would not have given a clear long at 21480-500 levels on friday but OBV did. After that no more discussion from me as i would like to defend my method one last time after which anybody is free to use it or trash it.

Urumi, a sword used in kalaripattu in kerala. There is no denying the fact that it has an edge, but the question is man wielding the sword has any control over it? has someone learned it to handle properly let alone master it.

Those noobs who have made OBV as part of their system are still learning- probably at emotional level and psychological level.

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