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Can seniors explain in detail about spreadline charts.
1. How to select the strike prices. Should the value be less than zero to select a pair.
2. I am using spread feature Amibroker and calculating the difference between the 2 strike prices. Should it be call minus put or it can be anyway?. for example should it be CE - PE . better help would be to explain the big move of April 18 and how would the pair needs to be selected.

Thanks in advance for the help.



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good to see you back, hope that health issue of family member is resolved, few days back we were discussing VWAP traders, and your name came up. Hope to see more VWAP charts from you.

Hi MB,Thanks :) My father is fine and doing good now.
I told many times that I learned vwap from Vijkris(Vijay Krishna)only.He's very good at leg pulling :D So I really dont have new things to share.
Now I can see he is expert in trading many systems and helping others with lot of coding also.
Here,I'm reading OBV ribbon part to see if it could be of some help to boost my existing system.

Hope you doing well.

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