Advice on my first SIP portfolio please!

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Hi to all.

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I was hoping for some good expert advises from you on my first proper SIP portfolio plan. I am 31 and looking to invest in MFs through SIP for min. 10 years.

I am ready to take good enough risks.

I have just started with Fidelity Equity Fund SIP for 4K per month and have plans on going for 4 other SIPs taking the monthly total SIP investment to 20K.

Few options I have in mind (to go with my Fidelity Equity Fund SIP) are:

HDFC Equity Fund - 4K/ month
DSPBR Equity Fund - 4K/ month
HDFC Prudence Fund - 4K/ month

and looking for a good suggestion on the 5th slot.

Please spare some of your time for directing me with your expert suggestions on whether my portfolio is good enough for long term investment from retirement usage point of view and what should I add/ change to make it better.

Thanks in advance.


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Since you have time in your hand, try a midcap oriented fund. Find a 5 start rated fund in

and, by the way, too much diversification is not a good idea.

I'm not sure about Fidelity Equity, but DSPBR Equity and HDFC Equity have the same fund management styles. I believe it would be wiser to choose one of these two.

To add a high risk component to your portfolio, invest in a mid-cap fund like ICICI Prudential Discovery, or perhaps a fund which has a similar focus.
Thank you guys. Can you please suggest me a couple of good mid to small cap oriented funds. I can see the following on

Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus
Birla Sun Life Pure Value
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities
IDFC Premier Equity
IDFC Small & Midcap Equity
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