Please review my SIP portfolio

Hello experts,

I am planning to do SIP Rs.25000/month into the following funds.

1. DSP BR Top 100 - Rs.5000
2. HDFC Top 200 - Rs.5000
3. Birla SL Frontline Equity - Rs.5000
4. Reliance RS Equity - Rs.5000
5. IDFC Premier Equity - Rs.5000

I am 34 years old and have long term investment plan.
Please review my portfolio and check if the allocation is OK.



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The type of funds chosen by you are
1. DSP BR Top 100 - Large Cap
2. HDFC Top 200 - Large and Mid cap
3. Birla SL Frontline Equity - Large and Mid cap
4. Reliance RS Equity - Multicap (Large cap tilt)
5. IDFC Premier Equity - Mid and Small cap

These choices are wonderful, but have some overlap though. Any reason why a limited exposure to Mid and small-cap? Is sticking to only large caps your strategy?

P.S: If you are able to invest into IDFC Premier Equity, please do share the details.

Happy New Year and Happy Investing !!


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Good one. Invest using weekly SIPs on different dates of the month of 1250Rs each, for better cost averaging.
Hope you have emergency funds worth 6 month of your monthly expenses. Also take care of ilfe insurance with term policy and a health insurance.


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I have HDFC Bank ISA through which I invest. When I tried to invest through the same in IDFC Premier Equity fund, I get the following message:

"Dear Customer, kindly note that IDFC Premier Equity Fund is closed for lump-sum subscription from 26th February, 2010, by the AMC till further notice. Request you to not to enter any fresh lump-sum subscription request for the same. Further, note that daily Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) option into this fund has been withdrawn by the AMC w.e.f. 1st Nov,2010. "

Hence, I was inquisitive if you were able to invest through some other channel.

Happy Investing