My Excel Profit_Loss Traking Utility

Hello All,
Whether u r day trading or doing delivery based trading--knowledge of the risk u can really take is of utmost importance----Moreover during day trading---when a script starts falling---the risk aspect(the Loss--along with the consideration of the brokerage and other taxes) plays a crucial role----Many a times we tend to calculate Profit/Loss approximately with out the least considerations of the brokerage and other miscellaneous costs---Moreover instead of relaying on the Data provided by broking houses ---one should manualy maintain the porfolio details too---

For both this purposes--this is a small excel utility(entirely made by me--which will be part of of a bigger software later)--- I would like to put forward here in this forum---where from I have benefitted immensely---This is still now professionally sold by me at a nominal cost-----

Dearest Traderji---The zipped Excel file----occupies around 900 kb---If u kindly let me know---how I can upload it here---I will be obliged---

Hi Joy
I know u track derivatives more closely than others. Pls advice on my long in Bharti Tel Futures @321 and short BOI futures @ 122
If u consider the data from Aug to 2nd Sept---BOI started falling from 143 level to a low of 114.8 leve(on 24th AUG) after which it has stared increasng to 122 level---I think as the market itself is quite high there can be a correction any moment---where by it may fall to 112 level---U can cover up ur short there----On the upside BOI can go to 135 level----Keep a Stop loss of 126---130-----dependind on ur risk apetite----

Bharti tele is in already in a high side pricing range---this stk can move to 335--340 level on upside and 300 on dwn side(has a greater probablity)----Remain in the long position with a stop loss of 315---310---depending on ur risk ability---But my opinion---do not take too much chance on upside----sell it around 330-----unless u feel the market too bulluish---

Hi Friends--
As suggested by Karthikmarrar---I m uploading the
The link is----
Some datas r included in the file ----u just try to see---if u can understand it---
I will explain--the file ---next time--
One more imp think---Plz ---never ever remove the split----otherwise---u wont be again to create the split as the file is ---password protected---

Do give ur suggestions----for further improvement---
Hi All---
As per as I said---I m explaining the terms in my excel file---
Column A---Client type---U can put J(actually J for Joy) or ADM(administrator)--Acutally my original version has diff client types---for whom there r diff brok. structures---If someone wants to tailor-make it ---do mail me at [email protected]

Col B---Brok.House----it can be SK(ShareKhan),IB(Indiabuls),ICICI---If u put J--(in col 1)---then there r diff brok. structures for diff . Brok.houses---If others want to include some more brok. houses,(with more diff brokerages for intraday and delivery)---then put the suggestions here----

Col C---self explanatory
Col D----Stk. Ex.--only Indian Stock Exchanges has been includd---For international exchanges---and the brokerages---I will like to have more information---Knowledgables---Plz provide it---I will try to incorporate them---
Col--E---self explanatory--
Col F---Buy Typ.--I--for intraday trading---D---for delivery based---For both these diff values---the brokerages gets changed differently----

Col--G----Put the value at which u r buying the stock---
Col H---How many u r buying---
Col I---Prob. Investment---If u put the value in Col H--then value in col I should not be present----this col is to get idea of bow many stks u can buy for for ur choisable investment----
Col K---The CMP--is to see to see how much deviatiation(%)--is occuring from buy priceCan be seen in Col J------(it is optional)----

Col O ---for SP(actual) which will give u--the profit and loss---

Col P---only if Col A--is ADM----
I went to but couldn't get a DOWNLOAD LINK.... A smiley ad overlays the download bar. Apart from this, the download button has no link to anywhere...

Its not downloadable! Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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