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    Whats going on,why this is happening.Where is Saint.

    Hi Karthik i must say that your post on VSA was very helpful and was explained in a simple way which could be understood by everyone. For quite some time now i have been following the techniques of Jim Cramer , Tom Williams and Gavin on VSA. However i still feel that there is something missing in it and i would be highly obliged if you could e-mail me a copy of Mastering the Markets.pdf. My emial id is [email protected] . Thanks in advance
    Thank you sir,uploading each day IEOD do you have any link for a consolidate data base for back testing
    sir I have downloaded soumyas data which is up to 30/5/2008 ,now I am uploading further data ,can you tell me in which folder should I upload IEOD ,If it is not created how can I create this folder
    sir can u give me the link to download nifty RT data for amibroker for free pls PM me if u feel convenient i will b thnkful to u
    I second you on that. I think the best way is to just ignore these idiots and if they persist then just declare that this forum is for exchange of ideas and not tips!! Anybody can get plenty of tips from their brokers if they are only after that! I can only applaud your patience. In some other forum, that member would have got banned (at least from the thread) in a flash.
    To my mind this is one of the most important threads. One who can master this concept can truly master the markets. On any forum one can see countless people whining for some magic afl, trading system or strategy. And when the same is presented to them in a plate (like in your thread), they fail to respond to it. Quite weird! wouldn't you agree!!
    Regards, rmike :)
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