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Was planning to buy through my bank. Was advised by the investment advisor in the bank. Is it very difficult to get good returns through small cap, even over a longer horizon ?
check past performance of these funds in Moneycontrol or valuereserch website. Also check the portfolio of these funds for quality of stocks

As said earlier, if you want to buy same fund, buy directly so that returns are good.


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As you suggested, I'm planning to go with all equity based funds (for better returns) and so came up with this list and will split the lumpsum into 5 parts. I'm looking into the options of juniorbees and niftybees as well instead of small cap. What are the advantages of these over small cap in the very long horizon (More than 10-15 years).

For, SIP investments, I am still working out the list.
now u r listening... study about both Direct mutual fund & Index mutual fund ....

Study time...
will give u hints later..


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freefincal is very good too. They highlights things that maybe VR does not.

All savings in equity, and that too only indian equity, is maybe not the best option for long term.
But on the other hand we have fallen a lot. We may fall more but all + SIP in equity in the short term may not be bad option to get a jump start and later you can look at diversification and asset rebalancing by redirecting fresh money to debt/other indexes etc. Note that you cannot plan for 3/5 year returns - as you can see in last 5 year returns right now. Most of the time it will be fine but sometimes not. This is best left for retirement or say 10/20 year periods.
Again, some possibly good ideas in freefincal for you to think over.
Hi.. I am a relatively new entrant to MF investment structure.
In the wake of covid, when bank and NSC int. rates are plummeting, i am trying to switch my investments into MFs. (i shall keep investing in PPF and NPS though).
My Risk Capacity and Risk Tolerance are both 'Moderate'.
I am looking to extract around 8-11% returns for a period of 3-5 years.

Kindly evaluate the following MF schemes mostly across 'DEBT' category & 1 being a multicap fund : with investment of 2k in each MF scheme (total inv. will be 20k/month across).
Also, kindly suggest which funds to look into for hybrid/balanced categories if needed.
Looking forward to your expert opinion.

A. Corporate Bond Fund
1. HDFC Corporate Bond Fund (G)
2. Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund (G)

B. Gilt Fund
1. IDFC G-Sec. Fund - Investment Plan - Regular Plan (G)

C. Short Duration Fund (any 2)
1. IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan - Direct Plan (G)
2. HDFC Short Term Debt Fund - Direct Plan (G)
3. ICICI Prudential Short Term Fund - Direct Plan (G)

D. Long Duration Fund
1. ICICI Prudential Long Term Bond Fund - Direct Plan (G)

E. Credit Risk Fund
1. ICICI Prudential Credit Risk Fund - Direct Plan (G)

F. Multi Cap Fund
1. Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund - Direct Plan (G)

G. Medium Duration Fund
1. SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund - Direct Plan (G)

H. Medium to Long Duration Fund
1. SBI Magnum Income Fund - Direct Plan (G)

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