Monkey King's Oily Tales (Day Trading Crude Oil)

short @ 4079 for a small target in most likely-hood, reason - unable to break 20 ema (59.60 on wti is a good roof). test of 4070 will decide to stay or exit the trade. sl will be breach of 20 ema (roughly 4089). let me see

waiting for euro open to see how it reacts, if unclear even after that - will exit

edit - exit @ 4175, all 15 mini lots out. break time. :cool:.
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got a 18 base camp trek training trek up ahead.

base camp 1 - start with 35 k (reached)
base camp 2 - reach 50 k (reached yesterday - although the 5 k addition in the last week may look suspect but i do that from time to time to reward myself for the passionate effort put in)

present trek is on from base camp 2 to base camp 3 - let me see, going seems tough and a loss, no matter how small takes me back a ledge or eight below :drowning:

already suffered a day of loss which was kind of acceptable from the amount lost point of view in the first week. the second day loss in week 2 was very damaging :wacky:. one day sets me back by close to 2/3 days this way.

anyway, next target is
base camp 3 - double capital to 70 k (as per my optimistic/excel sheet :wtf: schedule i must touch this on trading day 25) - today is day 12 so i have a good 13 days to reach there.

i am only concerned with the next base camp. if i can do that, the trek will take care of itself. the summit has no prize but just a tag that i can wear and justify to myself - 'day trader' :hungover:. just a old habit of pushing my limits is what it is, nothing else and like the tag line of my jeep goes - 'nothing else will do' :hilarious:

sorry for this ot post, will not post too many of these time pass jokes often :oops:
took a mini scalp of 3 points, 15 mini lots 4094 to 4097 just now. trailing sl hit,was following too close as usual.

long again @ 4105
going as per ha candles this trade

edit - chart update

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Edit - saw a trade, won. Next lost. Back to some 2800 net for the day, lol
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Took a positional trade last night as per 1 hr heiken ashi just before close.

Short @ 4121, one hour ha will be my exit as my entry was based on same.

Sl will be the 20 ema breach but ha will trigger exit much before the same.

Nothing much to do today but wait so it will be watch off and on.

Using the day to get some other jobs done, lol.

Today will decide if I end the week green or in the red, moment of Truth so to say, let me see how it goes. Trade is with the trend so not too worried for now.

Close to inventory will be the deciding factor. 3750 is the target, lol
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converted nrml to mis all 10 positional lots for the day. will revert back status to nrml eod again if required.
i do this to enable trading by freeing capital during the day. let me see if i can scalp trades in the day with the free capital

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