Monkey King's Oily Tales (Day Trading Crude Oil)

Final exit @ 193.75. day loss 2700 approx. Not a bad day. Was in short on 5 lots @ 192.5 and exit 2 @ 192.75, exit 2 @ 192.9 and last @ 193.75.

Great weekend all. Shutting terminal for the week.
week/2 start capital/40589 week profit/1,445.00 trading days/5 profit avg per day/289.00 profit avg % per day/0.71 total profit %/17.33 end capital/47035

(5000 added as bonus during the week hence end capital reflects thus)
First trade of the week, short crude 4112. Let me see how it goes

Sl is around 4126

Target for now is 4100 (50 ema).placed target as feel it will spike up after test. Trend on chart is bull and this may just be a test of 50 ema maybe.

If breaks 50 ema, will re-enter upto 200 ema again.

edit - target amended/fed in as 4077, spot a floor here on my chart, :wideyed:

edit - what the day chart looks like with the 20ema/red, 50 ema/green and 200 ema/black


edit - wti holding on to 60, breach of that will lead to a fall, until then - sit tight and scan for some random stuff to take my mind off this stubborn crude :headphone:
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is 4% the lower circuit before cooling off period ? anybody has correct info on this ? is 6% the second cooling off or is it the first? is 9 % the final cut off ?

just for info - not that i expect it to fall 'that' low today, :angelic:. would be happy though if it did o_O
edit - sl shifted/fed in as 4119 (short @ 4112) :rolleyes:

edit - out @ 4113, bears weak - unable to break below 60 wti. taking a breather now ;)
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Long now @4124, just following this crazy crude wherever she goes, lol

Edit sl is 4120 for now

Edit sl 4114, if hit, done for the day, lol.banking on wti breaking 60.20, lol

Did not feed sl as decided to wait for confirmation. Still holding, let me see how far I am able to hold.

Edit, all lots out at 4138.
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Long @4145 just now. Part lots entry, not max lots. Trade entry as per 1 hr tf.

Intend hold as long as 1 hr heiken ashi does not show reversal, positional lots, so not too worried. Sl will be an area of value as per ha candles.

Break time and will check randomly to see if things are ok.
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exit 2 lots @ 4160 and final 8 lots @ 4170. pb have moved too far from the ema's so i decided to do so. may not trade anymore unless i spot a good clean trade (which is a myth really :oops:)

a kind day it has been. some 3900 or so net after taxes i guess. time to be grateful and exit gracefully. good luck to all. monkey out for the day :coldfeet:


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