Monkey King's Oily Tales (Day Trading Crude Oil)

If it breaks 3915 or 3865 there is a chance of another trade. But I dont want to give back what I have in my pocket.

Somehow I am biased and feel bearish so taking a long will not be me.

So, the lone trade for the day it remains for now unless I see a break below these levels by 8 pm. If not, I am done.

Since crude is acting funny again I am kind of playing the circus today.

Set up for today is 15 min heiken ashi with 20 ema for trading signals and 200 ema for long term trend. If today goes well I may do this untill a strong trend appears and only then go back to my 20/50/200 set up on normal candles.

Idea is to mitigate risk and take pullbacks without breaking into a sweat. Let me see how the day goes.
Took a long, forced myself. In loss of some 1700 net. Red day perhaps, lol

Too large position size wrt capital and too tight a sl. Today whipsaws in market need a bigger sl which means smaller position size. Taking a break now. Will check later if things are clear.

Took a 11 point 10 lot scalp.loss down to some 800 now.

Edit - new trade, short 3883. Fingers crossed, let me see. Will 56 break ?, Looks likely, watching.
Lol, out @ 3873, green 600 for the day now. Was in 15 lots .
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Took a few scalps. Crude dancing around 56 so calling it a day finally.

Some 3500 or so net I guess for today

Will tommorow be my red day ?. Hope I don't play monkey and ensure it does. Anyway, bed time now.

On the edge really, lol - target wise.

Targeting 5000 pts for the 4 weeks / 20 days.

Can afford no more than 5 days of losses and pointwise, a max of 1000 pts. That puts me in a very tight spot of a max of 250 pts. With the number of lots I trade that is a time bomb just waiting to explode every time I enter the first trade of the day.

Winners cannot be less than 15 and to cover the losses I need 6000 pts, lol, ie 400 pts per day. 2 days gone and I have not even touched it yet.

It is fun putting myself through the grind though. If only I can avoid red days is my target a possibility or a real big win day/s out of the blue. But I cannot depend on luck.

It is challenging though and I am really working every cell in my brain, lol. No lack of belief, effort and passion from my end. Just wish I had better trade discipline. Working on that too.

Good night all and good luck to those trading the night session.
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Note to self - better to scalp today as the inventory and flash news from the middle East will be used to eat stop losses. I guess post inventory a clear direction will emerge.

Going down to 3 min or even 1 min if reqd for the day. May look at base metals if I spot a good entry. Crude will as usual misbehave most likely today, lol

Good luck to all.
jumped in for a small trade in zinc mini, long


edit - out - all 10 mini's - some 1100 net i guess. was a quick scalp really
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