The 100th Monkey


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I would like to be the 100th Monkey of Traderji.

This is my 100th post in this great forum. When I joined this forum,I knew nothing about trading .I dont think I can ever outguess the smartest minds in the market, but I am consistently profitable for the trailing 12 months. I am out of the market before the correction and 100% in cash.

I first heard about Ami Broker from here only. Traderji friends helped me to set up the database, provided error free historical data, taught me to write little bit of AFL and gave me the tools to download data.

There are many mentors for me in this great forum. They may not even know, I have them as mentors. But I know and appreciate their wisdom. I am willing to give them credit. Traderji,Saint,Karthik,Pkjha,Satya,Vvonteru,CV,..The list goes on. and on.

At present I trade the concepts of Pradeep Bonde very profitably. Just now I am concentrating on that only, if anybody is interested I am ready for a combined study.

Best wishes
Yes Niranjanam. Same for me.

I'd joined some 1 year back. Everything I'd learned so far: pivots, trends, S/R, indicators, Amibroker, Money Management, EW, and what not, are all from this great forum.

Extremely glad to be a member of this forum, that too spotted it in my early days.

Good luck,


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guess i have the same experience. what i thought i knew of the market was proven wrong here. now i know what i should have known earlier. its been a great forum to learn. some seniors like saint etc provide really selfless adivce and guidance. should say thanks to them for imparting all this knowhow

You are right Niranjanam, You wont find any other forum like this.I am Proud to be a member of Traderji. I learned a lot from here.

The Monkey story is interesting. Help me to become the 101th


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