Monkey King's Oily Tales (Day Trading Crude Oil)

Trade update - 20 ema approaching 200. Good thing for me is the slope of 20 n 50 is down.

Will recheck before nymex now, break time

Lol, just logged in. What a sight, deep red.

Hmmm - either I jump out now or prepare to take a deeper cut. 20 ema yet has not been tested on the other hand.

I will chance the 20 ema I guess. Would I buy now as per my chart - no. So I will hold untill the answer is yes which is the breach of 20 ema.

On the brighter side it took 9 hourly candles and pb have not yet even tested the 20 ema.

Tough call but I need to make a tough decision quick.

If I am wrong again I will bleed real heavy today. Lol, crude seems to have delivered me a uppercut today. A knockout perhaps ?. Moment of Truth. Let me see.
Trade update - will square off a min or so before inventory. Will have to write off today as a horrible day in all likelyhood

Update - sold 10 lots @ 4191 and now may just hold the rest and transfer them to positional maybe. Not sure but no pressure to square off now.
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Lost the first trade big
Made up for some lost digniity in the second, lol

Red day but happy to take this loss as I could have been kicked real bad the way I gambled the first trade.

1 hr tf not for me, 3 min is my strength. Next 2 days I will trade aggressive on 3 min, let me see how the week ends.

My red days are growing bigger every week. Must correct that asap.

Final closure for the day.

Good thing I am ending in the red. If I tried harder could maybe end up break even. But when wrong I must not spare the rod. Wonder how I could be so casual and let the trade run blind.

Right now I feel I must payback for this folly by not trading anymore this week. Might just do that to shake myself up.

Anyway, this is how it ends today finally.

on thursday i did not allow myself to trade. on friday i just allowed myself just one trade and made some 4200 approx.


ended week with some 4 k or so.

this is how the week finally ended


so i have been consistent with 1 day loss per week which has been growing bigger :eek:. lost 3 days in the last 15 trading days. the second and third is of concern as the loss is growing in amount. working on that end. capital at start of week 4 is 51,200. profit avg 5000 per week which was alright to just begin with.

this week on i just pushed up the stakes a bit higher. now my base camp lies at 1.0 L and i have 20 days to reach there. will reveal details of next base camp once i arrive there. hope to make it there within 20 trading days / 4 weeks and the average need is 17 points daily per lot.

i can only try and put in my effort, will i reach there in time??, depends on a lot of factors. until i do not make it i will believe i can and will. let me see :rolleyes:
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Trade exit @ 3872, all 20 mini. Done for the day.some 3000 net.

Held on during pullback as did not find a clear breach of 50 ema (clear breach to me is strong candle above ema)
Was a dangerous trade but I willing to lose a bit as my chart showed divergence and no reversal.lucky start to the week and a good day.

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