MACD + RSI Strategy for finding uptrends

Hi everyone,
I am using the below strategy using MACD and RSI for buying scrips in the short term. But how we can identify the false signals generated.
Enter Strategy:
  • When RSI(25) crosses over 30 (And)
  • When MACD(7,13,9) is greater than MACD-Signal(7,13,9)
Exit Strategy
  • When RSI(25) crosses below 70 (Or)
  • When +DI(25) crosses below -DI(25) (And) ADX(25) greater than 25
To eliminate the false signals, I tried to use
  • ADX indicator to determine the strength. But this was not helpful. ADX was low both in true positive and false positive cases.
  • Aroon indicator to determine the strength. This also didn’t help.
Can you help me on this?
Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 1.40.25 PM.png
@newtrader101 Thanks for replying back :) For trade beginning, I am using the RSI crossover. But how could we confirm the trade?

I tried using Aroon indicator and ADX with +DI and -DI. In both the indicators, when RSI crosses over there was no strong indication. I ran backtest with the above strategy along with ADX or Aroon for the past years(2019,2018). The backtest results had very few trade signals and the risk-reward ratio was also not good.

How to confirm the reversal when RSI crosses over? Whether we could use any other indicator for trade reversals?
i guess you didn't back test your strategy. eliminating false signals may not be good idea, i also faced this false signal problem, but when i performed back testing, i found that my strategy gives false signal 5 out of 10 trades(giving you a rough idea) but in rest of 5 trades it gives sufficient profit(after tax and brok). so i would suggest you to perform a minimum 200 trades back testing( i did it manually).