trend analysis

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    BTC technical analysis

    This is merely a trendline analysis based on support and resistance levels. I don't even trade cryptocurrencies but this chart looked so perfect for an analysis so I though I would share it with you guys. My guess is the bearish is taking over and the price could drop to $55K but the problem is...
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    MACD + RSI Strategy for finding uptrends

    Hi everyone, I am using the below strategy using MACD and RSI for buying scrips in the short term. But how we can identify the false signals generated. Enter Strategy: When RSI(25) crosses over 30 (And) When MACD(7,13,9) is greater than MACD-Signal(7,13,9) Exit Strategy When RSI(25) crosses...
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    Regarding paid softwares for technical analysis

    Are there paid softwares that can tell me which shares will go up by 10% in the next month based on "Ichimoku cloud with volume" trend? If yes, could you name some and tell me how to procure these softwares?