1. M

    MACD + RSI Strategy for finding uptrends

    Hi everyone, I am using the below strategy using MACD and RSI for buying scrips in the short term. But how we can identify the false signals generated. Enter Strategy: When RSI(25) crosses over 30 (And) When MACD(7,13,9) is greater than MACD-Signal(7,13,9) Exit Strategy When RSI(25) crosses...
  2. mainak18

    Which is the Strongest Indicator ... RSI or Bollinger Bands???

    Hi Traders, I have been watching both indicators RSI and Bollinger Bands by the few months and I am confused which is the most powerful indicator for intraday trading in commodities. Can anyone tell me which indicator I shall use for intraday trading? What is the time-frame will...
  3. N

    Hammer Time afl

    Hi guys, Newbie here and I should say you guys are so helpful! I have tried some codes here and been successful in back testing. However, I noticed the behaviour in PSE and it seems the veterans are advanced in giving signals before it appears in our codes. And I was able to research that...
  4. A

    intraday parameters

    Pl advice the parameters for the below technical indicator for intraday 5 min graft for NIFTY FUTURE, MACD MFI ROC RSI SlowStoch FastStoch
  5. P

    Strategy involving MACD and Bollinger based RSI

    Hi, I calculate bollinger based RSI by passing the RSI for 14 days into bollinger band for 50 days (just like closing price is used to calculate bollinger bands). My strategy is: Buy when: Bollinger based RSI is below bollinger bottom MACD with slow=12 and fast=26 is greater than 0...
  6. 1

    Industry - Sector - RSI

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have a new list of Industry - Sector classification for NSE. There had been a thread in the past. But that had been discontinued for sometime now. if anyone have made a new classification. Please do share your thoughts. And also if anyone have made any...
  7. P

    Help required-RSI with EMA afl

    Hi Friends, Can anybody help me to convert below formula to AFL- /* RSI with Exponential Moving Average */ var rsi_period = Param(1); var ema_period = Param(2); var close = Close(); var chg = CreateArray(close.length); chg[0] = 0.0; var i = 0; for(i=1;i<close.length;i++) {...
  8. R

    RSI Divergence on BHEL weekly chart ??

    I see a divergence on Weekly chart of BHEL, is this a good sign of trend reversal ? can i go long ?
  9. dipaarti

    INTRADAY Trading Strategy on NIFTY FUTURES (only)

    Intraday, Simplest Trading System ONLY NIFTY FUTURES.. :) Hello friends, After long time Im back in to Markets, Tradeji and Intraday Trading:clap:. Would like to share a small and very effective trading strategy which I am following since last 1 month. Please note that this system...
  10. timepass

    Has Nifty peaked out already ?? RSI readings - variation in different sources

    Did Nifty's RSI(14) cross 70 and trend downwards ?? :confused: says it has, but the other sources differ, saying that RSI has yet to touch 70 in the present uptrend from 4720. Different sources are giving different reading, both using the same RSI(14). Maybe they are using...
  11. P

    RSI Query !!

    Hi, I was reading "Street Smart" by Linda Raschke and i cam across this, "There are lots of tricks one can do with short-term rates of change. This Pattern uses a one-period rate of change or "momentum" function. This is simply, the difference between today's close and yesterday's close...
  12. S

    Someone plz tell me where to find

    Hi I want daily stocks scan of all CNX 500 with their DMA,RSI,MACD and STOCHASTICS value .Any one knows plz tell me where to find. skd