1. M

    MACD + RSI Strategy for finding uptrends

    Hi everyone, I am using the below strategy using MACD and RSI for buying scrips in the short term. But how we can identify the false signals generated. Enter Strategy: When RSI(25) crosses over 30 (And) When MACD(7,13,9) is greater than MACD-Signal(7,13,9) Exit Strategy When RSI(25) crosses...
  2. P

    MACD crossover AFL to send an email ALERT RT not working

    Hi All, I've coded a simple MACD crossover AFL to send an email ALERT RT when the crossover happens to the upside/downside. And I have also changed the amibroker settings to send email alerts. I'm using True data downloader for RT data. But still, when the crossover happens the alerts are not...
  3. B

    I am busted in these charts!!

    Hi Guys I am not sure, if it's the right thread to ask such a noob question!. Coming to the issue : I have added a pic of my today's chart. I was having a steady and calm drop, then suddenly a bullish candle came with good volume. I panicked and thought.. this is going to reverse. I quickly...
  4. punam.fintrade

    Book on Technical Indicators ( MACD, RSI etc ) - Construction and Working of Indicators in Stock Market ?

    Friends, I need a comprehensive book on Technical Indicators ( eg, MACD, RSI etc ). Where they explain how the indicators are constructed and how it is used to trade in the market. I have read few of the books on Technical Analysis where they skim through this section. I need information in...
  5. I

    Help needed in finding trend using bollinger bands!

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding bollinger bands. i know what bollinger bands are and what is the significance of the upper and lower bands. i also know that price sometimes go outside the bands(5% according to the book). i need to learn how to predict when the price is going outside the...
  6. A

    intraday parameters

    Pl advice the parameters for the below technical indicator for intraday 5 min graft for NIFTY FUTURE, MACD MFI ROC RSI SlowStoch FastStoch
  7. mlg

    Stock made a new high an din uptrend, but MACD is low

    Hi, For lat 2-3 days, IOC is in uptrend and made a new high at 385. But its MACD is at 4.75. But IOC made a high at 386 on 8th April 2015. At that time, MACD was at 8.66. As per my knowledge, if stock makes a new high and MACD is not making a new high means, the uptrend is going to over in a...
  8. M

    Can MACD technical analysis can be used for Indian mutual funds

    I am not a mathmatician or a economist but can you explain to me wheter we can use MACD technical analysis with chart and histogram on mutual funds (eg:SBI mutual funds). If yes how should we carry out MACD analysis of mutual funds and can you provide an example. which softwares can we use for...
  9. P

    Strategy involving MACD and Bollinger based RSI

    Hi, I calculate bollinger based RSI by passing the RSI for 14 days into bollinger band for 50 days (just like closing price is used to calculate bollinger bands). My strategy is: Buy when: Bollinger based RSI is below bollinger bottom MACD with slow=12 and fast=26 is greater than 0...
  10. P

    My Strategy

    I enter trade with following condition: Stock is trading above 50 day SMA Stock is trading above 200 day SMA MACD crossed signal line day before yesterday (trigger) Divergence rise was less than 400% while crossing signal line I exit the trade when MACD falls for the first time...
  11. S

    AFL MACD cross - weekly

    An one more question. How to filter cross time signal by macd but in weekly period. In amibroker chart i can right click and select weekly view. I want to filter in this view. How to do it. thx for help
  12. S

    AFL MACD cross

    Hello, this is my first post, so if I wrote something wrong than sorry. I want to afl to detect cross macd line, but not standard only : MACD(25,40) cross signal line Signal(25,40,9). I have this AFL code: r11 = Param( "Fast avg", 25, 2, 200, 1 ); r22 = Param( "Slow avg", 40, 2, 200...
  13. W

    Condition is active compared with MACD histogram

    Hello, I would use a chart in an asset that would be a condition: If certain condition of the MACD histogram SP500. I tried several ways but could not. Foreign ("SP500", "C"), etc ... Could someone help. Thank you,
  14. J

    Yahoo Charts - MACD & stochastic -- Need help

    Hi All, Can anyone help me with the formula used in Yahoo Charts for MACD & stochastic. I tried various combinations in amibroker, but no success. Any help will really be greatful. Thanks & have great times.
  15. M

    Hello from Bangalore

    Hi all, My self, Munir Noorani. I am a new investor, looking to learn the basics of trading. Currently I am studying technical analysis and the various indicators like MACD, Candlesticks etc. Looking forward to a lot of help from the seniors and other knowledgeable people on this forum...
  16. saivenkat

    How to catch the trend movement early?

    Dear all, In swing trades i need to have a settings that will at its best catch the trend movement in early stages? I am attaching a sample chart with this post. I use RSI, MACD, in the 3/15 ema crossover. The problem is each of them gives confirmation for buy, at different time...
  17. sub2501

    Great SMA, EMA & MACD System

    Currency: GBP/USD (preferred) or any other. Time frame: 3 hours (preferred) or 4 hours. Indicators: SMA 200, SMA 100 these are two influential SMAs; you will find price obeying their boundaries. SMA 15 EMA 5 MACD (12, 26, 9) Trading Rules: Since we are dealing with unpredictable...
  18. S

    Someone plz tell me where to find

    Hi I want daily stocks scan of all CNX 500 with their DMA,RSI,MACD and STOCHASTICS value .Any one knows plz tell me where to find. skd
  19. A

    Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal...

    Hi fellow Traders, I am using MS 9 EOD and it it giving wrong results in MS explorer. Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal... I manually checked India Infoline and it generated a buy signal as the MACD has crossed over it signal line but Metastock explorer is not providing...
  20. Nehal_s143

    Positional Trades AFL

    i am small day trader, i found a strategy for positional trades on net, i want to create AFL for the same so that strategy can be tested Condition 1. MACD (12,26,9) is Below Zero & Stochastic (20,5,5) has given negative cross over, plot sell signal if satisfy the condition & close below...