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nifty trade said:
Subhadip bro

you play crude , bank nifty and nifty also i guess?

i really do not know how many months or years you practiced to trade like this , i mean adding on so tiny moves again and again :thumb: but its your hard work .

my question is how can i do that in my trading ? i know hard work is required , no doubt , but trailing stops like a ladder ,i mean how can you do it on a volatile scrip like banknifty ? there is some good lecture or some good theory or anything is needed ............so please tell us here how to do it :)
I follow it in Crude & BNF Beast.

NF is slow, and I rarely trade NF. BUt I follow NF in 5 min chart.

Please paper trade for last 6 months BNF chart like these. follow one method. Learn every step in that method. But one thing which method u are trading the Money management id the key & add is the way.

Trade aggressively. That is all I can tell you.

Nihil Ultra (Nothing Impossible). Stay focused. War is with Market,Ledger is the proof of that.Mirror knows the result.


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Subhadip said:
My way of doing it:

nifty trade said:
also could you please share how you would you have added adds ? as thats not clear here :)
First trade 8 lots,
1st add 4 lots,
2nd add 2 lots,
3rd add 1 lot & subsequently 1 lot only....

SL for all every time. I do rarely exit half position.

Nihil Ultra (Nothing Impossible). Stay focused. War is with Market,Ledger is the proof of that.Mirror knows the result.


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In a nutshell, start with higher time frame like 15 minutes, once trend started, use smaller time frame for entry and exit along with Adds (Pyramiding). After exit, again switch to higher time frame for new entry. Otherwise, you will get whipsaws.


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Smart_trade said:

One of the questions which bother traders whether day traders or swing traders is whether they should add to the winning positions or not.The answer is not simple because adding the positions when the market is going in our favour it a good trading practice but it has its own trade-offs. Let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages :

1) Advantages : 1) The main advantage is when we get a strong trend, and we add to our positions, the positions become large without any increase in risk as we add in such a way that the total position after adds are not jeopardised.So in a strong trend the adds can give profits of 5-10 R from 3-4 R price move.

2) Another advantage is as we are adding in the profitable position along with the trend, there is less tendency/temptations of booking profits and taking positions against the ongoing trend.

2) Disadvantages : The main disadvantage is the trader looses small profits.Most of the times markets are sideways and choppy and small profits which has accumalated will vanish if we take adds.

So how does a trader resolve the above dilema ? This issue is more bothersome for daytraders. Swing traders generally get good directional trend moves but daytraders will always feel bad if the small profit accumalated goes away due to add and the trade becomes a breakeven or small profit trade. The solution lies in achieving a balance . I have found that daytraders can take atleast 1 add in sideways/weak trending markets but the moment they sense that the day could be a strong trend day, they must add aggressively and hold till the end as the statistics indicates that the strong trend days close at /near the bottom/top of the day. On strong trend days holding till the end is much profitable than buy/sell during the day In grinding up/down and choppy markets one should avoid adds.

But for taking adds, one should be prepared to fergo some small profits. Adds in swing trading are very profitable when we get a large trend and we have initial position plus 3-4 adds. Adds could be in 1:1:0.5:0.25:0.25 position so that the add quantity is reduced as we go further in the trend.

Traders can practice by starting with one add on a trend day and holding till the end, then increase add positions to 2 and so on...even one add straight-a-way doubles the profits.

Thanks Da.......

Nihil Ultra (Nothing Impossible). Stay focused. War is with Market,Ledger is the proof of that.Mirror knows the result.


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wisp said:
Dear Subhadip.
Please check if the possible trades marked and the VPs are correct. Thanks.

One word of caution. Dont use VPs,mps in a horrizontal sideways period.Else it will give many whipsaws and false trades.Use sideways market tools like VWAP,Support/resistance bands,TDST etc in sideways.


While amateurs go broke by taking large losses,professionals go broke by taking small profits...... William Eckhardt in New Market Wizards


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niftytaurus said:
good evening bro
I have just tried..Ya! you are right!
But how please tell some conditions or rules when we get alert not to trade on that area..as when it sees in chart ..damage had been done..
as today after 11 am , It becomes difficult to trade banknifty..i tried to trade & lost a lot..it again shatteterd my confidence on me.
So If we know some rules or condition when not to trade..as today its taking sl on both sides
sorry for my ignorance...but sometimes this kind of market make me depressed
wisp said:
Dear Subhadip
lin todays chart after which candle should I have stopped using minor erls. Was the first long trade wrong? Thanks a lot..
so guys, it is the sideways, which is getting worse..
Is not it?

Yes, first trade is not there ...why to go long in that area?

my dear friends, all need to work on the identification of visual pivots... for identification of sideways...

Will come on a detail discussion regarding Sideways..

One easy solution is there:

Do not trade in the range of previous day afternoon range

Nihil Ultra (Nothing Impossible). Stay focused. War is with Market,Ledger is the proof of that.Mirror knows the result.


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In Intraday Trading:

  1. Please do not trade when you are not sure.
  2. Please learn some setup- which you will jump onto it if you found it.
  3. Do not look in NF & trade in BNF (very dangerous)
  4. Trade the script which suits your temperament
  5. Not trading is also a part of the bigger plan of Trading.
  6. Always look into Daily & hourly charts for getting the bigger picture.

Nihil Ultra (Nothing Impossible). Stay focused. War is with Market,Ledger is the proof of that.Mirror knows the result.


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niftytaurus said:
please tell some of those setups
For you , do not trade on ERL failure more.

For All,
Some setup means- Break out, Break out failure. Break down and failure. I will post some charts when time permits regarding those in three min chart in BNF and crude.

Also one more thing I want to stress. You do not have to prove to the market that you can trade in all setup. When u do not understand the chart please do not trade. Wait for your suitable setup.

That is all I can say. Some day will be very juicy. And some day like today if you do not trade may be you earned more by not trading rather than loosing.

Most of you guys do not know "when not to trade". This is the problem.

Hopefully what I do and what I know I have shared.

Best of luck guys.

Nihil Ultra (Nothing Impossible). Stay focused. War is with Market,Ledger is the proof of that.Mirror knows the result.

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