I disagree that you need a mentor. I never paid a dime to learn to trade and you shouldn't have to, plus a lot of mentors are just failed traders themselves. Not to say there aren't good ones out there, but most aren't that great at all.
You can find a ton of sources online. I recommend Babypips and YouTube. You can also find articles and things across various sites. Never worry about paid courses - the info there isn't any better than the free stuff. You just have to spend more time looking for it yourself. Start with the basics.
If you really want to learn stock market , you should go for a mentor .

you can also learn technical analysis from Investopedia .
you can check this link .

It is not necessary that you should have a mentor to learn stock trading. There are many free resources. Research and study from good books and video lessons. And be active on these forums. They are quite helpful. Good luck!
More than enough information on the internet to get you well on your way. Don't pay for the basics. Forums also offer accountability too so even less need.
Reading books written on a subject is a surefire way to educate yourself on it. Similar to this, reading books about various instruments, investment methods, and even the autobiographies of successful investors can teach you a lot about the stock market. Trading is difficult work, and those who have the patience and discipline to abide by these guidelines can improve their chances of success in a field that is fiercely competitive.
My personal opinion is that you don't need a mentor if you are intelligent enough to understand things on your own. The internet itself contains sufficient knowledge. Consider reading some excellent trading books as well.
The internet is a maze and a source of information with just a few clicks. Research is necessary before deciding to invest in the market. Make sure you understand the different terms and conditions and market psychology to make profit.
You can consider learning via the internet, as it has lots of information that you may find useful. You can learn various skills, like risk management, trading psychology, etc., too.

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