Learning Diary.....The Road Less Traveled!!


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This thread is about my learning journey, I am going through couple of threads about Pivot, MA based trading systems, I will try to implement things I have learned so far in this thread.

It will be a slow moving thread as I am still learning and going to do lot of mistakes, but idea is to train my eye with lot of practice.


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Could not post much as I could not trade, but will start posting once I get time. Again, this is a reference thread for myself and purpose is to document and capture incremental improvements (if any) in my learning progress.

Also I have a full time job (non-finance sector), so there will be gaps in posting.


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Everyone is requested to please be patient . Trends are not that easy that it appears in the books.There are lots of basic stuff involved which one needs to understand. Let us not jump to the methods straightaway.Methods are based on basics.

Vikas is going in right direction. In my view the methods part will not come in next 100 posts atleast. But when you have all the basics clear and then we have some very fine methods.But most people will not be able to trade them because the basics will not be sound.

So go slow....this thread is not about just one more method which people will try and move on to the next one. The method which I am personally trading is entirely based on the basic knowledge and if you understand that method one will be profitable on most of the days. In the other forum we had atleast 15-20 threads on basics and trends.

Basics are important. There is a definate point when the trend changes, and I am sure if I ask that point on a chart 95 % guys will get it wrong.


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