1. C

    Looking for Feedback on a New Stock Market Research Tool – Your Thoughts?

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to introduce a project I've been working on -AltIndex, a brand new alternative data platform for stock market research. It offers a range of features and tools that can be incredibly valuable to investors and traders. We actively seeking feedback, and we are willing to...
  2. easydemat

    Benefits & Process for Having PPF Account for Children at an Early Age

    Introduction: Investment is the key to growing money. Banks help you keep your money safe, but if you want to double or triple your money, then just keeping it in a savings account isn't going to help. Share market is not everyone’s cup of tea, given its volatility. So, where does the more...
  3. N

    Systematic Equity Investment Portfolio Performance Tracking

    The idea behind starting this thread is to show how a systematic equity investment portfolio performs over a period of time. I believe showing the progress live will help new traders gain confidence in following their strategy even in adverse markets and give them an idea of how a diversified...
  4. K

    Mutual Fund Investment: 5 criteria to pick the right mutual fund

    The mutual fund portfolio should be carefully designed keeping in mind your financial objective, investment horizon, and risk appetite. Whether it is a short-term or long-term goal, there are several mutual funds to cater your investment needs. As selecting a mutual fund is a unilateral...
  5. trendtrade

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009 Nov 02, 2018, 07.46 AM IST High trading volume seems to be driving the stock market amid a significant fall in the delivery of stocks. The...
  6. J

    Liquid Bees

    Hi, Does anyone have clarity on the pros & cons of liquid bees? I have heard that if you invest small amounts, you can't liquidate fractional units and thus it is of no use for small traders. Can anybody who is experienced throw some light on this?
  7. CliqFX

    CLIQ FX is the name of excellence and top notch financial service provider. Our task is to develop and introduce innovative ideas and services that provide our clients with opportunities to achieve their highest goals. Our concept is to amaze a client with instant execution of orders and...
  8. G

    Break even for my portfolio

    Hey guys, I am new here and newbie in stock market. I have just started trading. I have purchased 4 shares @83.25 (BALRAMCHIN),3 shares @121.55 (GSFC),5 shares @69.95(SAIL) (all NSE trades). Broker charged me (delivery) Rs.1.59 ,2.32,1.34 per share respectively. They provide brokerages @0.3% for...
  9. Shivam DUbey

    MF poll

    Which of the given below funds you think is good and why ? How would you rate them on 5 star? 1. quantum long term equity 2. mirae asset india opportunity 3. ING Dividend yield 4. sahara growth 5. bnp paribas dividend yield
  10. Shivam DUbey


    “In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” -Peter Lynch :pompus: THE AIM IS TO :stop:" TRADE WELL, NOT OFTEN" :finger:
  11. T

    Coal India: What is going on?

    Coal India seems to be in a slump. With the stand-alone P/E still good at 16-ish Well, not good, but still..... The stock is at a lifetime low as of this week. Also, the Coal Industry the world over is suffering greatly. Does anyone here think this may be the beginning of the end of Coal as we...
  12. T

    Investing, rather than trading with a discount broker.... makes sense?

    I'm looking at investing money in small quantities... the idea being to have a portfolio of about 50k to begin with for a year or two while I work at my job... I just started working a few months ago. My plan is to "live learn" as I go. I'm not looking to trade at all, but invest for long term...
  13. J

    Investing in stock market!

    What precautions must one take before investing in the stock markets?
  14. P


    I am Pradyumna and (not to mention) new in this forum! I am technologically curious and interested in Algorithmic/Automated trading. As for investment experience, I have started of just a couple of months ago (EQUITY/Secondary market). Looking for ward to try my hands on trading first and...
  15. K

    investing during all-time highs

    Dear Friends, I have a lumpsum amount which I would like to invest, but since markets are extremely bullish, how to invest in such conditions? Pls share your experience or share some interesting articles which can help me on this front. Thanks Karuna
  16. J

    Best sites for learning how to trade

    Any suggestions on the best websites where to learn how to trade?
  17. J

    Stock Market Contest

    Hi all, I wanted to see if any of you are interested in either joining a stock market tournament or hosting their own trading tournament. If you want to learn how to trade I suggest checking out this website It's a stock market game where players can trade with real-time...
  18. J

    Learning how to trade

    Hi All, If you want to practise your stock market/investing skills while competing against your friends, I suggest checking out this website: It's a brand-new stock market platform where you can trade in daily and weekly stock market tournaments while chatting real-time...
  19. M

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I have just subscribed to this wonderful forum. I am an investor and trying to learn Investing. Any information is welcome. Thanks a lot.
  20. I

    Here With a Mission: Help 10,000 Indians Achieve Financial Freedom By 31/5/13

    Hi I'm Shakti, and i'm here at traderji solely for my mission. Many new traders need trusted advice and proper tools, dont mistake me for some financial advisor or some broker. I'm here to selflessly help you get started with the right tool and resources,from books to articles to software...