technical analsysis

  1. D

    technical analysis course on LearnApp

    Hi guys, wanted to know how is the technical analysis module on learnapp? can one trade in live markets after watching them?
  2. V

    Any proven formula for Intraday

    Hi Members at Traderji I have been doing trading in equity stocks last 6 years. i have made money as well lost, net result is few thousand plus. Anybody can suggest, the best intraday practic resulting in minimum loss Thanks in advance VENKAT
  3. R

    Hello Friends

    We all share together a common passion - "Markets" I am one of the student of the market and hopefully may find help from many experts here.. Hope to do well and become a trader...
  4. S

    Financial modelling usage

    is financial modelling of any use in technical or fundamental analysis
  5. S

    EOD chart or live streaming charts

    Hello All, I am new to trading and want to explore the technical side of trading. Could you please assist me with my confusion on chart selection. I currently downloaded the chart nexus free version and it shows me EOD charts until previous day with support & resistance on just two stocks...
  6. N

    5 EMA Positional Trading System

    Friends, I wish to introduce the 5 EMA Positional System here. Would love to receive your feedbacks.
  7. sdalal

    RELIGARE-Cool Off before big Bang

    RELIGARE: Stock breached its long term resistance line on 23rd april. The declining trendline which started in Jan 2008, continued as a big resistance till it broke out . breakout was confirmed with high volume. As of Now stock will come to test the earlier resistance line which is now a...
  8. G

    ow is Falcon Trading Software for NSE Equity Derivatives

    I am prstly evaluating technical analysis softwares - spider, metastock, amibroker and falcon. Falcon is cheap and seems to have better service and enhancements. Also several big and smalll brokers in India use Falcon. Can someone share experience on it. Any negative and positive experiences and...
  9. T

    Koutons movement analysis

    Hi, First, I want to convey my respect to senior members and other ppl who share the ideas / knowledge. I am seeing Koutons giving some signs that in next 6 months it will go quite good way. Observed points. Technical: *) Volume pick up in steady manner *) Recently seemed to emerge from long...
  10. M

    Technical Analysis

    Hello friends I am Maneesh Aggarwal (Delhi), an active trader for many years and enjoying my trading, making life with this. I am a Technical analyst as well as Educator of This knowledge in the name of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I am enjoying this also. It is a must knowledge for every...
  11. sub2501

    PLs do help,

    hello everyone, I'm new to traderji, also i'm a trader and trade depending on fundamental analysis,I want to trade by technical analysis(Chart), but have no idea on technical analysis, can anyone say what should i do to understand the technical analysis, well abt me I'm only 10+2 qualified...
  12. B

    RT Datafeed and Charting Software for Technical Analysis

    Hello, I am new to your forum. Can you please help me/guide me to pin point how do I obtain information on the following queries of mine. I work for a software company in US which provides real time stock charting software with the Comtex RT datafeed. Direct competitor of eSignal/Amipro...